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Arena Water Sprayer

sprayer trailerThe Arena Sprayer Trailer is one of the largest available units for dust control, stall cleaning, livestock watering/washing, and other arena watering requirements. For any arena, watering and dust control plays an important part of any maintenance schedule. Due to the volume of water needed for these areas, arena trailers are large in capacity and equipped with several components to handle requirements in these areas.

Arena Water Trailers are constructed in large capacities of either 500 or 1025 gallons. Standard water trailer systems include a galvanized spray bar, hose, engine, pump, fill hose, and nozzle to suppress dust and control equipment in your location.

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Sprayer Trailer Features:

  • Capacities: 500 gallons or 1025 gallons
  • Poly Tank
  • 6" Channel Iron Frame
  • Honda Engine
  • 20' Suction Fill Hose with Screen
  • 25' Fire Hose & Nozzle
  • Galvanized Spray Bar
  • Specifications

Arena Water Trailer Benefits:

  • Large Capacity to Handle Multiple Jobs
  • Built-in Hose and Spray System
  • Includes All Required Equipment
  • Easy Transportation Around Facilities
  • Quickly Cleans Stall Areas
  • Equipped for Demanding Locations & Conditions

Arena Water Sprayer Applications:

  • Arena Ground Packing
  • Washing Livestock or Equipment
  • Dust Control
  • Job Site Packing
  • Vegetation Watering
  • De Icing
  • Disinfecting Stalls
  • Washing other Storage Areas
  • Water Transportation

Arena Sprayer Trailer Technical Specifications

Tank 1025 gallon Leg 500 gallon Elliptical
Length 200" 148"
Height 82" 64"
Width 80" 78"
Weight 1800 lbs. 850 lbs.
Frame 6" Channel Iron (non DOT Trailer) 6" Channel Iron (non DOT Trailer)
Axles Tandem Torsion Spring Single Torsion Spring
Tandem Axle Rating 14,00 lbs. 5,200 lbs.
Wheels 15" x 8" 6 hole 4.62" Hole Pattern 15" x 8" 6 hole 4.62" Hole Pattern
Wheel Track 68" 67"
Brakes none none
Tires 11L-15 11L-15
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Water Trailer Design and Additional Models

As with most of our water transportation system, these trailers are equipped with a polyethylene tank that can offer resistance to various chemicals or water treated liquids. This creates a multi-purpose system that will last throughout your washing, disinfecting, or dust controlling applications.

500 gallon water trailerThese particular sprayer trailers are typically offered with non-DOT approved trailer for transportation around your facility, farm, or arena area. Other water systems with DOT approved trailers are also available.

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Questions? Call us at: +1-772-646-0597 or request a quote. *Ask us about financing options!