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Water Management Solutions

Water-Inflated Dams and Cofferdams

aquabarrier installationOne Clarion offers cofferdams, or also known as aqua-barriers, for both construction dewatering and flood protection. If you require a dry construction site, the ability to redirect water is essential and our cofferdams is a perfect fit for that. Unlike traditional cofferdam techniques, the aqua-barrier can be set up three to five times more quickly, with minimal to no adverse effects on the environment and reduced expenses for site restoration. Furthermore, aqua-barrier/cofferdam structures are key in creating dry work areas, especially in submerged settings. They are especially useful in projects like bridge construction, dam maintenance, marine repairs, and other similar tasks requiring a dry operational area.

Furthermore, cofferdams are here to safeguard your properties from flooding. We recognize that natural disasters are a significant cause of long-term damage to your land and assets. Thus, we provide solutions to protect your properties using our aqua-barriers and cofferdams. Additionally, they are better than conventional sandbags because sandbags may not be easily accessible and demand significant labor and time for installation. They also necessitate specific disposal protocols and lack reusability, in contrast to Aqua-Barriers, which are engineered for multiple uses, approximately 15-20 times. With our purpose-built water-inflated dams, you can encircle and safeguard your property much more rapidly than with sandbags, effectively preventing floodwaters.

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Cofferdam for Flooding Protection

flood protectionAt One Clarion, we understand the importance of flood protection as it can cause extensive damage to property, infrastructure, and the environment. In our commitment to resilience and safety, we introduce aqua-barriers, also known as cofferdams, a multifunctional structures designed to exert control over water in a variety of contexts. One of their central roles is flood protection, where they act as protective barriers against rising floodwaters, shielding properties, infrastructure, and communities from potential devastation. These barriers can be rapidly deployed in emergency situations, providing immediate flood protection.

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Key Features in Flood Protection

  • Rapid Deployment: Aqua-barriers can be quickly installed when flood threats arise, providing immediate protection.
  • Customizable Sizes: Available in various sizes, aqua-barriers can be tailored to suit different flood protection needs, from residential to industrial.
  • Reusable Design: Aqua-barriers are designed for multiple uses, reducing long-term costs and waste.
  • Environmentally Friendly:They have minimal environmental impact compared to other flood protection methods, preserving ecosystems.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various flood scenarios, including river flooding, flash floods, and coastal surges.
  • Easy Installation: User-friendly installation procedures ensure efficiency, even for first-time users.

Key Benefits in Flood Protection

  • Cost-Effective: Their reusability and minimal maintenance make aqua-barriers a cost-effective choice for flood protection.
  • Eco-Friendly: Aqua-barriers promote environmental responsibility by reducing waste and protecting natural habitats.
  • Reduced Property Damage: By effectively diverting or containing floodwaters, aqua-barriers minimize property damage and associated repair costs.
  • Enhanced Safety: Protecting communities and infrastructure, aqua-barriers contribute to overall safety and disaster preparedness.
  • Immediate Protection: Aqua-barriers offer rapid flood response, safeguarding property and lives during emergencies.

Cofferdams for Construction Dewatering

boat ramp installation At One Clarion, aqua-barriers are at the heart of our construction dewatering solutions. These versatile structures are deployed with precision and expertise to revolutionize construction practices. Through their strategic use, we effectively control and manage groundwater and surface water, ensuring a dry and secure workspace for a wide range of construction projects. Aqua-barriers play a pivotal role in our commitment to construction efficiency and safety. They support deep excavations, streamline utility installations, and facilitate the construction of foundations, bridges, culverts, and dam repairs. Additionally, our responsible environmental practices are upheld as aqua-barriers help contain contaminants and protect surrounding ecosystems. One Clarion's dedication to optimizing construction dewatering through aqua-barrier technology ensures that your projects are executed efficiently, safely, and with minimal environmental impact.

Key Features in Construction Dewatering

  • Waterproof Material: Aqua-barriers are typically constructed from robust, waterproof materials that can withstand water pressure and provide an effective barrier against water infiltration.
  • Adaptable to Different Water Conditions: Aqua-barriers are adaptable to various water conditions, including calm lakes, fast-flowing rivers, and turbulent coastal waters, making them suitable for diverse construction environments.
  • Versatile Applications: Aqua-barriers are not limited to construction dewatering; they can also be used in flood protection, environmental remediation, and emergency response situations.
  • Safety Features: Some aqua-barriers are designed with safety features such as anchor points and stability enhancements to ensure secure placement and performance in challenging conditions.
  • Proven Performance: Aqua-barriers have a track record of success in a wide range of construction projects, attesting to their reliability and effectiveness in managing water.

Key Benefits in Construction Dewatering

  • Erosion Control: Aqua-barriers are effective in preventing soil erosion during construction, helping maintain the stability of construction sites.
  • Safety: Some aqua-barriers are designed with safety features to ensure secure placement and performance in challenging conditions, enhancing on-site safety for construction teams.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Aqua-barriers have a lower environmental impact compared to other dewatering methods, as they do not require extensive excavation or construction that could harm ecosystems.
  • Effective Water Control: Aqua-barriers provide a reliable means of controlling and managing groundwater and surface water, ensuring a dry and stable work environment for construction projects.

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