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Tread Guards for Spill Berms

berm with ground linerThe Berm Tread Guard is a reliable berm accessory designed to protect your berm during drive through operations. As the vehicle drives onto the berm, the tires will run directly over the guard rather than the berm. This provides an added layer between the tire on your vehicle and the berm. Using this increased protection can help extend the lifespan and quality of your berm.

How to use the Tread Guard

The following can be seen as a general guide for installing and using a berm tread guard.

  1. berm tread guardLay out or Unroll your Berm - Foam wall berms come standard with foam built into the walls. Berms can be unfolded and then unrolled to form the spill area. If a ground liner or compression pad is being used, these should be laid out prior to placement of the berm.
  2. Place the Tread Guards on the Berm - Guards should be placed at width equal to the width of the tires on your vehicle. General design of these protection pads allows them to extend the length of the berm and over the side walls. Extra material will be included at the ends of the berm for added protection during the entrance and exit on the berm.

Where to Use the Berm:

Due to the drive through nature of these accessories, tread guards are most commonly used with any of the drive rated spill berms including the following:

Placement with these berms help to create a smooth driving process on and off of the containment area.

Additional Spill Berm Accessories

In addition to the tread protection guards featured here, we also offer several other spill berm accessories to help with storage and use of your spill berms. These products include:

  • Fittings
  • Ground Pads
  • Berm Liners

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