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Rainwater Collection Tanks

Steel Rainwater Tank and Harvesting Systems

steel rainwater collection tanksSteel Rainwater Collection Tanks & Harvesting Systems are a reliable way to keep your rainwater stored and contained before reuse. Often used to supply homes, businesses, utility systems, sprinklers, irrigation systems and agricultural centers, these tanks are the perfect bulk and long-term storage option for your location. Similar to our other steel tanks, rainwater storage systems are available in either single wall or double wall options with sizes up to 50,000 gallons.

With increasing amounts of droughts and water shortages, rainwater collection is becoming a common choice for areas and businesses looking to save money, provide a renewable energy supply, and work to earn LEED Points. Regardless of your location or reuse requirements, these tanks can provide long-term, effective water storage. View our Rainwater Collection Tanks Sizing Chart

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Rain Water Collection Tank Applications:

Harvested rainwater collection and storage has been used in a range of locations to help with both potable and non-potable storage requirements. Some of the many ways this water has been reused are: irrigation/watering of landscapes, laundry washing, toilets, fire suppression systems, utility storage, backup water supply. Available for any location that uses a significant amount of water, these tanks have been used in any of the following locations:

  • Schools and Public Buildings
  • Commercial Offices
  • Warehouses and Factories
  • Housing Developments
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Farms and Agriculture
  • Nurseries and Garden Centers
  • Golf Courses

Types of Rainwater Harvesting

Rooftop Harvesting: This method is designed to catch water as it naturally drains from your rooftop gutters. Gutters are typically first cleaned by a washer to remove items such as debris and leaves. This allows clean water to travel through your gutters and deposit the water into the tank.

Land Surface Harvesting: This uncomplicated method allows harvesting from a larger surface area. Efficient runoff is key in collection. For potable water, a filtering system must be applied.

For more information on typical systems for harvesting and storing rain water, please check out our Rainwater Systems.

Steel Rainwater Collection Tanks Technical Specifications

Volume (gallons) Diameter Length
185 3’-2” 3’-4”
240 3’-2” 4’-0”
300 3’-2” 5’-0”
500 4’-0” 5’-5”
1,000 4’-0” 10’-9”
1,000 5’-4” 6’-0”
1,500 5’-4” 9’-0”
2,000 5’-4” 12’-0”
2,500 5’-4” 15’-0”
3,000 5’-4” 18’-0”
4,000 5’-4” 24’-0”
4,000 6’-0” 19’-0”
4,000 8’-0” 10’-8”
5,000 6’-0” 23’-10”
5,000 8’-0” 13’-4”
6,000 6’-0” 28’-8”
6,000 8’-0” 16’-0”
8,000 10’-0” 14’-0”
8,000 8’-0” 21’-4”
10,000 10’-0” 17’-0”
10,000 8’-0” 26’-8”
12,000 10’-0” 20’-6”
12,000 8’-0” 32’-0”
15,000 10’-0” 25’-6”
15,000 8’-0” 40’-0”
20,000 10’-0” 34’-0”
20,000 10’-6” 31’-0”
25,000 10’-0” 42’-6”
25,000 10’-6” 38’-9”
30,000 10’-0” 51’-2”
30,000 10’-6” 46’-6”
40,000 12’-0” 47’-6”
50,000 12’-0” 59’-6”
50,000 12’-6” 54’-6”

**For underground applications, tank shell thickness is calculated using the Roark equation as defined by UL-58.
**Double-walled rainwater collection tanks construction and custom sizing is available upon request.

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Pure Rainwater Harvesting System:

rainwater collection tanks, rainwater collection tank

The Pure Rainwater Harvesting System can be used in above or below ground rainwater storage applications. The system will filter debris from collected water before use.

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