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Secondary Spill Containment

Polyethylene Products to Contain Spills

Deal with the problem of secondary spill containment through the use of a spill containment product. Depending on your storage container, plastic bins, spill pallets, or containment vessels could be used to contain and protect your spills from contaminating the environment. For smaller containment or spills, drum bibs, drum funnels, and drum liners catch spills and make cleanup easy. Chemtainer 100,150,200,385 Gallon Oil-Tainer for used oil and double wall tanks are also available for extra protection and containment.

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Secondary Containment Items Explained

A majority of these secondary spill containment products are made using the high resistance polyethylene material that typically offers UV protection and is capable of storing product such as oil drums, tanks, used oil, chemicals, and more. These polyethylene units are designed to provide secondary spill containment as your items are being stored. Tanks are also designed to specifically act as a containment vessel and store used oil and other items that require thick, double wall, or secure containment.

These secondary spill containment items include a versatile range of materials including tanks, pallets, liners, and even drum bibs. Please view the list below for increased information on these materials:

Secondary Spill Containment

Security Containment VesselItems in the spill containment product range include a wide range of equipment designed to provide secondary containment to stored items such as drums and tanks. These materials can include anything from pallets to spill basins and contain high resistance properties that can handle contact with oil, chemicals, and various other elements. Items can be made for the storage of either two or four containment drums. Read more about Spill Containment.

Drum Storage

Made from the same high resistance materials, drum storage refers to liners, bibs, and other secondary spill containment products that can help create a smooth process of storage for all your items.

Double Wall Storage Tank

double wall storage tanksThe double wall storage tank is designed to offer both primary and secondary storage for your potentially hazardous or harmful materials. The primary storage tank is made from high resistant polyethylene and then surrounded by an equally protective secondary containment tank. This means that if your chemicals start to leak or drip from your tank, they will be properly contained within the double-tank system.

Our Secondary Spill Containment Variety also offers collapsible spill containment berms, drive through berms, decontamination pools, and tank containment.

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