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Pillow Tanks and Collapsible Water Tanks

USA Made: Collapsible Pillow Tanks For Sale

Collapsible pillow tanks are a flexible storage option designed to provide both small and bulk water storage on your site, facility, home, or business location. Also known as bladder tanks, these tanks are constructed from a wide range of materials equipped to handle different climates and liquid storage requirements. Fabric options for these collapsible water tanks are determined by the liquid it will store. Available fabric options can be used to store drinking water, gray water, fuel, or a combination of liquids. Please be sure to specify the type of liquid you will store so that we can ensure your pillow tank is built from the right material.

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Collapsible Water Tanks
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Rainwater Flexi-Tanks
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Gray Water Pillow Tanks
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Collapsible Fuel Tankscollapsible fuel tank

Collapsible Frac Tankscollapsible frac tanks

Large Pillow Water Tankslarge capacity tanks

Collapsible Tank Uses and Applications

One of the best qualities the collapsible water tank has is the ability to be used in a wide range of locations including hot and cold weather conditions, facilities and storage areas. While the standard pillow bladder tank design remains the same throughout, fabrics are adjusted depending on the type of liquid being stored in the tank. Standard materials include PVC, Elvaloy, and Urethane and can accommodate fuel, gray water, potable drinking water, frac water, and more. View the Pillow Tank Questions page for all customer questions regarding pillow tanks.

Learn More About Different Uses for Collapsible Water Storage Tanks:

Not sure which pillow water tank is right for your location? Find out here: How to Choose a Pillow Tank Model.

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Collapsible Water Storage Tank Sizing and Specifications

Below you will find typical sizing and filled dimensions for our collapsible water storage bladder tanks. Collapsible pillow tanks fold flat for easy storage and shipment, and are easy to fill and drain. Tank options include industrial, residential, commercial storage tanks, fuel storage, and rainwater pillow storage tanks.

Small Pillow Tank Specifications

Capacity (Gal) Capacity (Ltr) Length Width Height
25 Gallons 94 Liters 36" (0.9 m) 24" (0.6 m) 8" (0.2 m)
50 Gallons 189 Liters 52" (1.3 m) 36" (0.9 m) 9" (0.23 m)
75 Gallons 283 Liters 54" (1.37 m) 42" (1 m) 9" (0.23 m)
100 Gallons 378 Liters 66" (1.68 m) 48" (1.2 m) 9" (0.23 m)
150 Gallons 567 Liters 60" (1.5 m) 60" (1.5 m) 12" (0.3 m)
250 Gallons 946 Liters 84" (2.1 m) 60"(1.5 m) 14" (0.36 m)
275 Gallons 1,040 Liters 72" (1.8 m) 80" (2 m) 16" (0.4 m)
300 Gallons 1,135 Liters 84" (2.1 m) 66" (1.68 m) 14" (0.36 m)
500 Gallons 1,892 Liters 108" (2.7 m) 84" (2.1 m) 16" (0.4 m)
600 Gallons 2,271 Liters 120" (3 m) 84" (2.1 m) 16" (0.4 m)
700 Gallons 2,649 Liters 114" (2.9 m) 99" (2.5 m) 16" (0.4 m)
800 Gallons 3,028 Liters 72" (1.8 m) 120" (3 m) 24" (0.6 m)
900 Gallons 3,405 Liters 72" (1.8 m) 132" (3.35 m) 24" (0.6 m)
1,000 Gallons 3,785 Liters 132" (3.35 m) 108" (2.74 m) 16" (0.4 m)
1,500 Gallons 5,678 Liters 168" (4.27 m) 120" (3 m) 18" (0.46 m)
2,000 Gallons 7,570 Liters 174" (4.4 m) 126" (3.2 m) 22" (0.56 m)
2,500 Gallons 9,463 Liters 174" (4.4 m) 120" (3 m) 24" (0.6 m)
3,000 Gallons 11,356 Liters 180" (4.57 m) 162" (4.1 m) 24" (0.6 m)
4,000 Gallons 15,141 Liters 216" (5.5 m) 168" (4.27 m) 27" (0.7 m)
5,000 Gallons 18,927 Liters 234" (5.94 m) 186" (4.72 m) 27" (0.7 m)

Large Pillow Tank Specifications

Capacity(gallons) Capacity (liters) Length Width Height
5,500 gallons 20,820 liters 20' (6.1 m) 17' (5.2 m) 2.25' (0.7 m)
6,000 gallons 22,712 liters 21' (6.4 m) 18' (5.5 m) 2.25' (0.7 m)
6,500 gallons 24,605 liters 20.8' (6.34 m) 18' (5.5 m) 2.5' (0.76 m)
7,000 gallons 26,498 liters 19' (5.8 m) 19' (5.8 m) 2.5' (0.76 m)
7,500 gallons 28,391 liters 20' (6.1 m) 20' (6.1 m) 2.5' (0.76 m)
8,000 gallons 30,283 liters 19' (5.8 m 19' (5.8 m) 3' (0.9 m)
9,000 gallons 34,069 liters 20' (6.1 m) 21' (6.4 m) 3' (0.9 m)
9,500 gallons 35,961 liters 21' (6.4 m) 21' (6.4 m) 3' (0.9 m)
10,000 gallons 37,854 liters 21' (6.4 m) 23' (7 m) 3' (0.9 m)
20,000 gallons 75,708 liters 33' (10.1 m) 25' (7.6 m) 3.5' (1.07 m)
30,000 gallons 113,562 liters 36' (11 m) 32' (9.75 m) 3.5' (1.07 m)
40,000 gallons 151,416 liters 37' (11.3 m) 40' (12.2 m) 4' (1.2 m)
50,000 gallons 189,271 liters 42' (12.8 m) 43' (13.1 m) 4' (1.2 m)
70,000 gallons 264,979 liters 48' (14.6 m) 42' (12.8 m) 4' (1.2 m)
80,000 gallons 302,833 liters 77' (23.47 m) 30' (9.1 m) 5.5' (1.7 m)
106,000 gallons 401,254 liters 88' (26.8 m) 35' (10.7 m) 5.5' (1.7 m)
125,000 gallons 473,176 liters 58' (17.7 m) 59' (18 m) 5' (1.5 m)
150,000 gallons 567,812 liters 78'(23.77 m) 58' (17.7 m) 6' (1.8 m)
210,000 gallons 794,936 liters 75' (22.8 m) 73' (22.25 m) 6' (1.8 m)

Don't forget about supplementary equipment for your pillow tank!

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Custom Pillow Tank Applications

There are regular inquiries that come in for customers wanting to know if we can provide custom size, dimension, shape, configuration, fittings, or applications for pillow or bladders tanks. These range from concrete forms, ballast tanks, anchors, machine testing weights, concrete filled blast shields, and numerous other unique applications. We encourage you to speak to a technical representative in the Liquid Storage division to help determine whether or not a pillow or bladder tank can be adapted to fit your application, project, or design. As an USA manufacturer, we can work with you on custom projects!

Potable and Non-Potable Water Storage Tanks

Potable and Non-Potable Pillow Water Storage Tanks can include storage for any of the following applications:

Learn More: Drinking Water Pillow Tanks, Collapsible Gray Water Tanks and Onion Water Tanks.

All drinking water tanks will feature an FDA and NSF 61 rated fabric for the storage in our potable water tanks. View Collapsible Drinking Water Cleaning page for instructions on how to clean these water storage tanks and how Pillow Water Tanks can be emptied out.

Rainwater Storage

drinking water pillow tankPillow rainwater storage tanks are one of the most flexible options for rainwater collection and feature a low profile tank which can sit comfortably under decks, patios, in basements or an outdoor storage area. Designed with your choice of either a drinking water or gray water approved material, these tanks can help decrease water costs in your home or business location as a cost effective water pillow tank.

How a Rainwater System Works:

Implementation of a collapsible tank in your rainwater system will vary depending on your storage options and connection requirements. One of the most common uses for collapsible water tanks are through a connection to a downspout. One possible setup is available below:

  1. As rain falls from the sky, it hits, collects and drains from the top of roof
  2. As rain hits the roof, it flows down into the downspout (Downspouts are connected to filters at the end)
  3. Most downspouts will include a filter to help remove large debris and sediment. As water flows through the downspout, leaves and debris are removed.
  4. Water is then channeled through a hose which is connected to the the pillow tank.
  5. Pillow tanks fill with water for immediate use or storage.
  6. At the tank's discharge, fittings and pumps are attached to move water out of the container and into sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, or other utilities.

Learn more about Pillow Rainwater Storage Tanks

View customer questions about:

Questions about collapsible water tanks? We can help! Call us: 1-863-270-8118 or request a quote.

Pillow Tanks for Frac Water Storage

collapsible frac tankFlexible Frac Tanks are a unique and cost effective option to bulk water storage on an oil field, fracking, or mining location. When compared to a standard steel frac unit, the collapsible frac tank can offer increased capacities (up to 210,000 gallons in a single tank), lower shipping costs and higher heat retention. Collapsible tanks help sites to reduce the number of storage tanks needed on site during a job. View the Frac Tank Liner for all of your Frac Tank needs!

Information on the frac tanks can be seen on any of the pages listed below:

  • Frac Sizes: Bulk Storage up to 210,000 gallons
  • Frac Specifications: Due to the size and storage requirements of these tanks, materials most commonly used for this type of storage are a heavy or military grade urethane.

Possible Storage Options Include:

Fuel Pillow Tanks

The fuel pillow tank is also an ideal way store large quantities of fuel. This collapsible storage tank can be supplied to machinery, vehicles, mining equipment, frac storage equipment and more. Customers have also implemented several collapsible tanks into a fuel farm layout. This configuration places multiple tanks side-by-side and connects them through pumps and pipes for large fueling needs.

For more information on these Flexible Fuel Tanks. Read about the use of Collapsible Diesel Fuel Tanks for mining operations in Suriname.

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