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Air Wall Berm Sizes & Specifications

The Air Wall Berm is designed for fast response to spills, as well as drive through containment applications. Berms feature an easily transported exterior that allows it to be quickly moved to its required location in the event of a spill, leak, or other containment emergency. Below you will find the standard sizes and specifications for the air wall berm. Custom sizes are available, so please don't hesitate to ask!

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Air Wall Containment Berm Sizes (Custom Containment Berm Sizes and Heights Available)

Secondary Containment Berms (National Stock Number NSN 5430)

Liner Material Length (ft.) Width (ft.) Height (in) Part Number
22 oz PVC 10 20 4 CSA10204PV221H
30 oz PVC 10 20 4 CSA10204PV301H
40 oz Urethane 10 20 4 CSA10204UR401H
22 oz PVC 10 25 4 CSA10254PV221H
30 oz PVC 10 25 4 CSA10254PV301H
40 oz Urethane 10 25 4 CSA10254UR01H
22 oz PVC 12 30 4 CSA12304PV221H
30 oz PVC 12 30 4 CSA1230PV301H
40 oz Urethane 12 30 4 CSA12304UR401H
22 oz PVC 12 75 4 CSA12754PV221H
30 oz PVC 12 75 4 CSA1275PV301H
40 oz Urethane 12 75 4 CSA12754UR401H

Liner Material: 22 oz PVC, 30 oz PVC, or 40 oz Urethane.

Air wall spill containment berms are an easily transported and deployable product that has been often used for fast spill containment and emergency response situations. Some of the applications this berm is frequently found in includes:

  • Spill Response
  • Vehicle Leaks & Spills
  • Machinery Leaks
  • Tank Containment
  • Military Operations
  • Secondary Containment for Vehicles
  • Decontamination

The air wall containment berm is a highly reliable product and is typically made from either a PVC or Urethane material. Both these products offer high resistances and can be used in outdoor storage locations.

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