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Water Storage Tanks for Municipal Water Supply System

Question regarding flexible tanks for water supply system: Can a water tank be used to supplement a municipal water supply system? Our water supply is not large enough to meet code. I want to add a pump to supplement when needed. Can this tank handle pressure? Will the tank automatically prevent overfilling?

The tank must fit through a 30" door and have a storage capacity of 300 gallons.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Our Flexible Water Tanks can be used to supplement a municipal water supply system, however please note that they are not designed for pressure applications. While we do offer several steel pressure vessels, the pillow tanks are not designed to handle pressure applications.

Options for Filling and Emptying the Tank

gray water flexible tanksDue to their flexible exterior, these tanks can be made with fittings designed to specifically match your storage applications. This will allow you to fill and drain the tank through pumping in and out of the tank.

If you are concerned about overflow inside the system, tanks can be equipped with a overflow valve and flow meter to help shut off the tank so it does not overfill. In general, water cannot typically be pumped into the tank past the intended storage capacity.

Moving a Tank Through Doors

The flexible tanks are the perfect option for tight storage spaces. When not in use, tanks are designed to lie flat. This allows them to be folded or rolled for easy transport through a doorway, overseas, from one storage space to the next, or around your facility to needed locations. For a 300 gallon capacity, tanks will typically be sized around 6' x 6' x 1' H.

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