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Small Portable Water Bags or Tanks

Looking for a small portable water bags or tank that can be used to move small amounts of water from one location to the next. You're not alone. See the customer exchange below:


Do you offer small portable bags that I can use to fill with drinking water? I am looking for fairly small bags (around 5 gallons). I would need the bags to be approved for drinking water. I was also wondering if there was anything available for transportation on the back of pickup truck.


portable water bagsHello. Yes, we do offer small capacity Portable Water Bags that can be successfully used for the storage and transportation of drinking water. These bags are available in a 5 gallon model (minimum order of 10 bags required) to help move the quantity that you have requested.

Flexible Tank Fabrics

Since these bags are constructed from the flexible fabric, the interiors of the drinking water tanks will be made using an FDA and NSF 61 approved fabric for the safe storage of potable water. This allows them to safely store potable water without causing harm or affecting the contents of the tank.

Water Bag Construction

The construction of the water storage bag is built to successfully transport your drinking water materials. Each bag will typically include the following components:

  • Built-In Top Handle
  • FDA & NSF 61 Approved Fabrics
  • Easily Folding Material
  • Fitting

Portable water bags are the perfect flexible tank option for customers looking to keep small amounts of potable water on hand. These bags are designed to lie flat when empty and then rise to form the structure of a water container. This allows for compact storage of the bags when they are empty, making them an easy choice for emergency water storage, remote location storage, camping, and more.

For larger emergency water storage options, we also offer several small Flexible Water Tanks starting in size at 25 gallons.

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