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Water Storage Tank


Here you can find our Water Storage Tank Resources, including quick links to pages such as our News Center, Blog, and Pricing Pages. These links allow you quickly navigate to the resources you need to find.

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Here you can find Press Releases from Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works. These can include releases on how tanks have been used in various industries, new products that have become available, and new partnerships.

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We also offer a variety of tools to contact us with questions, additional information, or learn more about new products in the industry. These tools include our main blog, which offers information on new products, pages or industry news.

Throughout our site, you may also find additional areas for asking questions. These are typically located on our product overview pages. This allows customers to direct questions toward our technical team, as well as see what other customers have asked.

Water Information

Learn more about water and how it can be stored.

Pillow Tank Information

Here you will find additional links to information regarding our collapsible pillow tanks (sometimes referred to as portable tanks).

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Questions? We can help! Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.