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15 Gallon Gas Kart

fuel caddyThe 15 gallon Gas Caddy is an economical way to store and move 15 gallons of fuel. Designed as a completely self-contained unit, these caddies can be moved, filled, and pumped without any need for electricity or extra power. This makes the kart perfect for remote locations, boating docks, or camping areas.

All caddies feature a polyethylene construction, hose, wheels and built-in handle. For increased use in outdoor locations, materials used for the caddies will feature a naturally high resistance to rust, UV exposure and corrosion. This allows them to remain high in strength for the duration of their use. For increased safety, all caddies are also built to comply with UN and US DOT safety guidelines for fuel transportation.


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  • 15 Gallon Capacity
  • Built-In Polyethylene Wheels and Handle
  • UV, Rust and Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • 6 ft. Hose Approved for Fuel Use
  • Brass Shut-Off Valve
  • Self-Contained Design
  • Gravity Assisted Fuel Disbursement
  • Small Storage Footprint
  • Meets UN & United States DOT Specifications
  • Optional Manually Operated Pumps Available

Common Applications for the Portable Diesel Caddy:

  • Service Station, Mechanic Shop, Marina, Garage Fuel Storage
  • Fuel Transportation on Construction/Job Sites
  • Fuel Storage in Remote/Satellite Locations
  • Auto, Truck, Boat, ATV, Lawn Mower, Tractor Refueling
  • Snowmobile, Snowblower, Golf Cart, Personal Watercraft Refueling
  • Portable Fuel for Agricultural Areas
  • Military Relief Operations
  • Generator Fuel Storage
  • Emergency Fuel Supply
  • Auxiliary Fuel Storage

Gas Kart Technical Specifications

Part Number Dimensions (L x W x H) Capacity Weight

13" x 11" x 45" (33cm x 27.9cm x 114.3cm)

15 gallons (56.8 liters) 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Industrial Fuel Caddy Pump (#2400-03) (Input and Output)
Consumer Fuel Caddy Pump (#P932499P) (Output Only)

Larger capacity caddies are also available for Gasoline, Diesel and Waste Water Storage & Transport.

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