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11 gallon Gas Caddy

**This Product has be Discontinued**

Please feel free to check out the Gas Caddy Variety includes a 15 gallon Gas Caddy.


portable fuel tanksThese 11 gallon portable fuel tanks are an excellent way to store and transport needed fuel to small vehicles and machinery located around your agricultural facility, farm, job site, or even personal watercraft storage area. Compared to other gas caddy options, these smaller units can help save space while still storing your fuel.

Each gas caddy contains a molded-in top handle to help ease the transportation process and ensure a smooth transfer of fuel. In addition, caddies include recessed, non-sparking polypropylene wheels that can withstand temporary contact with fuel and other hazardous area requirements.

These small fuel transportation units have been used in a variety of different storage applications including:

  • Fuel for Small Machinery
  • Easy Fueling of Boats and Watercrafts
  • Fueling or Refueling of Small Machinery
  • Fuel Supply for Tractors, Mowers, and Generators

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  • 11 gallon Storage Capacity
  • Built-in Handle (Molded to Caddy)
  • 6 foot Gravity Feed Hose, UL Listed
  • Brass Shut-Off Valve
  • Polypropylene Wheels, Recessed, Non-Sparking


  • Small & Easy to Maneuver
  • Firmly Secured Transportation Handle
  • UL Listed Hose
  • Saves Space when not in use
  • Requires no Pump (gravity feed hose)
  • High Resistance Wheels
  • Works to Easily Refuel Machinery
  • Reliable Shut Off Unit
  • Quick Way to Refuel a Vehicle
  • Excellent Storage Solution

Gas Pal Technical Specifications

Part Number Dimensions D x W x H Capacity
GP-1 13" x 11" x 33 1/2" 11 gallons

This portable gas pal has been a favorite for fast refueling of smaller items such as watercrafts and small machinery. Its easy-to-operate construction has allowed this caddy to be easily filled and connected to required filling ports for quick refueling efforts. In addition, these caddies require no additional pumps as the built-in intake hose is gravity fed for quick fuel transfers.

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