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10,000 Gallon Self-Supporting Onion Tank

FAQ: Can onion tanks hold up to 10,000 gallons of water?

self supporting onion tankQuestion: I am looking for a self supporting onion tanks that can hold 10,000 gallons or more for livestock watering. What sizes do you have? Do you have anything this large available in the open-top model?

Answer: We do carry Self-Supporting Onion Tanks in the size that you have specified. These 10,000 Gallon Self Supporting Onion Tanks are available in both a high side and low side model depending on your available space.

As their names suggest, high side onion tanks are built with smaller circular frames and higher sides to meet tighter storage spaces. Low side 10,000 gallon onion tanks, by contrast, will be lower to the ground and have a slightly larger square coverage. Choosing between these onion tanks will depend on the amount of available space you have in your location, including both height and width. For more information, customization options and specifications, see: Self-Supporting Onion Tanks.

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Additional Onion Tank Information

Portable Onion Tanks are often used for quick storage applications that require fast containment under a vehicle or temporary water storage. These onion tanks are made with several different options and storage applications to help meet all your requirements. Typical additional items and sizes includes the following:

  • Sizing: 250 Gallons to 10,000 Gallons
  • Fitting Options to meet Requirements
  • Ground Covers and Top Covers Available
  • Portable Storage Bags Optional

Applications for these onion tanks have included anything from fire water supply to spill containment. Products may be built from NSF 61 approved materials for drinking water applications, as well as other materials equipped to handle chemicals and hydrocarbons.

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