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Fire Fighting Trailer

550, 800 or 1,025 Gallon Fire Fighting Trailer

Firefighting Water Wagons come with pump and 25 foot fire hoseThe Fire Control Water Sprayer Trailer stands as a reliable asset in times of crisis and beyond. This spray trailer is easily fill its tank from various water sources, be it municipal supplies, storage tanks, ponds, or streams. Feel assured as you tow it across your property, thanks to its robust 6” channel iron frame and safety-enhancing surge brakes. Utilize the fire hose for precise spot spraying or deploy the rear-mounted spray bar for comprehensive coverage, spanning 25 feet. Propelled by a Honda engine and Tsurimi pump, this setup ensures efficient operation. Beyond firefighting, leverage the trailer for pre-wetting to prevent fires, conducting controlled burns, and transporting water to remote areas. Additionally, it serves admirably for watering plants and controlling dust. Designed exclusively for on-property use, it offers cost savings by omitting DOT-mandated features.

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Fire Control Water Wagon Features

  • USA Made
  • 550, 800, or 1,025 gallon sized algae resistant tanks
  • 4 HP Honda engine and 2" Tsurumi pump
  • 6" channel iron frame

Fire Control Water Wagon Benefits

  • Durable and built for off-road use
  • Fill water tank easily with three fill options
  • Targeted spraying with fire hose

550, 800, or 1,025 Fire Fighting Trailer Specifications

Hose Size 25′ x 1½” fire hose and adjustable nozzle 20′ x 2″ PVC fill hose with pond strainer and foot valve; with fire hydrant adapter
Size (US Gallons) 550, 800 or 1,025
Tires 15" Tires
DOT Compliant No
Frame Construction Heavy duty 6″ channel iron frame
Axle(s) Spring Axels
Tank Type 550, 800 or 1,025 Gallon Algae Resistant black tank
Hitch Type 2″ Ball hitch is adjustable for level towing
Brakes Tandem Surge Brakes
Motor 4 hp Honda engine
Pump 2” Tsurumi Pump


Flyer to Download: 550, 800, or 1,025 Gallons Fire Control (PDF)

Fire Fighting Trailer Applications

Fire Fighting Trailer with Pond Fill KitThis fire fighting trailer doubles as a multipurpose water trailer, offering exceptional versatility in its applications. Primarily designed for rapid and effective fire control, it excels at extinguishing sudden fires on your property, such as grass or bale fires, making emergency responses quicker and more efficient. Beyond its primary role in fire suppression, this trailer is also adept at dust suppression, essential for maintaining air quality and visibility in dusty environments. It serves as a reliable solution for water hauling, crucial for transporting large volumes of water across distances, whether for construction sites or remote areas. Additionally, it can be used for watering livestock, providing a vital water source for agricultural needs. This combination of functionalities makes the fire fighting trailer an invaluable tool for a wide range of practical applications.

As a fire fighting trailer supplier, we know how crucial it is to have the right equipment when fighting fires on your property. Let us help you discover your fire fighting trailer today! Give us a call at +1-863-261-8388 or Contact Us through our web form for more information.

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