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1600 Gallon Water Trailer

Nurse Trailer Mounted Water Tank

525 DOT Gallon Wagon TrailerThe 1600 Tandem Farm Nurse Trailer is designed specifically for farm use and is not intended for DOT-regulated roads. Its sturdy construction includes a 1,600 gallon tank mounted on a robust 7" channel iron frame, supported by tandem 10,000 lb axles. This setup allows the 1600 to effortlessly transport 12 lb/gal fertilizer or water-based agricultural chemicals. You have the option to choose between gooseneck or tag hitches for your convenience. The gooseneck trailer comes standard with a platform ideal for carrying chemical totes, while the tag trailers offer the flexibility of having the platform or not. For enhanced safety during operation, electric brakes are included as a standard feature. Customization options abound for the nurse trailer, including various 2" or 3" pump/engine combinations, a mix n' fill system, quick fill capability, and a selection of tank colors such as white, black, blue, and red.

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1600 Gallon Nurse Water Trailer Features

  • Electric Brakes
  • Farm Economy with Commercial Features
  • Non-DOT Trailer (DOT Version Available)
  • Adjustable Hitch
  • Platform Holds Pallet or Chemical Tote
  • 1,600 Gallon Capacity
  • Optional Mix Tank
  • Optional Fenders and Lights Available

1600 Gallon Nurse Water Trailer Specifications

Length (Standard) 197"
Length (Platfrom) 256"
Length (Gooseneck) 304"
Width 102"
Height 94"
Wheel Track 91"
Size (US Gallons) 1600
Tank Color Black
Dry Weight (lbs) 3,140 lb - 4,260 lb Depending on Hitch
Tires 235-75R17.5 - 18 Ply Tires with Wet Hubs
Capacity 1,600 Gallons
DOT Compliant Non-DOT Trailer (DOT Version Available)
Frame Construction 7” Channel Iron
Finish Powder Coat Black Acrylic
Springs Slipper
Axle(s) 10,000 lb
Tank Type 1600 Gallon Black “Algae Resistant” Tank
Brakes Electric
Motor Honda Engine
Pump 2” Banjo Transfer Pump
Fill 2” Quick Fill & Sparger
Lights DOT compliant clearance, stop, turn, tail, license
Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty


Flyer to Download: 1600 Gallon Nurse Trailer (PDF)

1600 Nurse Trailer Applications

1610 gallon water trailer with a rear sprayer and hoseThe 1600 gallon nurse trailer is an invaluable resource for large-scale agricultural operations, offering a robust solution for efficient water and chemical transport. Designed to support extensive farming activities, this trailer is perfect for the distribution of water, fertilizers, and pesticides over large areas, ensuring crops receive the necessary nutrients and protection they need for optimal growth. Its large capacity minimizes the need for frequent refills, which is particularly beneficial during peak growing seasons when time and efficiency are critical. Additionally, the nurse trailer can be used to facilitate effective irrigation practices, helping to maintain soil moisture levels even during periods of low rainfall.

Beyond agriculture, the 1600 gallon nurse trailer serves as an essential tool for livestock management by providing a reliable water supply for drinking and sanitation purposes. It can also be deployed in environmental management efforts, such as reforestation projects, where it assists in the watering of newly planted trees over vast areas. The mobility of the nurse trailer allows it to reach remote or difficult-to-access locations, making it a versatile option for a range of field operations. This makes it an indispensable asset not only for agricultural producers but also for contractors and environmental managers who require a dependable mobile water source.

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