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Express Generator Trailer

500 Generator Trailer

water tank on wheels

Introducing the Express Generator water trailer , an essential solution for delivering water and power to oil drilling or construction sites, catering to your mobile office and RV needs. This innovative trailer includes an on-demand pressurized water system, capable of supplying water to two offices or RVs simultaneously. Powered by the Wacker Neuson G14 generator, it offers 13.5 kW of power output along with a 60 Amp capacity. Equipped with a 240-gallon diesel tank, the DOT industrial trailer ensures uninterrupted operation of the generator for up to 180 hours under prime load conditions. For added convenience, an optional factory-installed freeze protection system is also available, enhancing its suitability for diverse environmental conditions. Whether you require water, power, or both, this trailer proves its worth.

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Express 500 Generator Trailer Features

  • 500 Gal. Polyethylene Water Tank
  • Wacker Neuson G14 Generator
  • Pressurized, On-Demand Water Distribution System
  • 240 Gal. Diesel Tank
  • DOT Trailer
  • Optional Freeze Protection System


Flyer to Download: Express 500 Generator Trailer (PDF)

Gnerator Trailer Applications

water sprayer trailerThe 500 Generator Trailer is an essential asset for providing reliable power across a variety of settings. Designed for versatility, this generator is ideal for construction sites where consistent power is crucial for operating heavy machinery and tools. Its robust design and mobility also make it a perfect choice for outdoor events, ensuring that lighting, sound systems, and catering equipment can run smoothly without interruption. The trailer’s capability extends to providing emergency backup power during outages, making it indispensable for hospitals, emergency services, and residential areas that require uninterrupted power to maintain critical operations.

Additionally, the 500 Generator Trailer serves well in the agricultural sector, supporting farms and agricultural facilities with power for irrigation systems, barn operations, and other essential farm machinery. It is also frequently used in remote field operations such as mining and oil drilling, where reliable power is necessary for safety and productivity. Its ease of mobility allows it to be transported to various remote locations, providing a dependable power source in environments where grid power is unavailable. With its powerful output and durable construction, the 500 Generator Trailer is a robust solution for managing power needs in challenging and diverse environments.

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