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1,000 Gallon Water Trailer

FAQ: What sizes and options are there for water trailers?

water tank trailerQuestion: Hi. I am looking for a 1,000 gallon water trailer that I can use to move liquid around my site. I need this trailer to have a larger capacity and be able to handle the storage of water that I will use to spray down livestock and water plants. Can you please tell me what my options are for this type of portable transportation?

Answer: Our Argo 1,000 Gallon Water Trailer would be perfect for your situation. Great for water transportation, spraying, or watering, these trailers have been used around agricultural facilities, farms, residential locations, arenas, and other locations that require dust or fire suppression.

For more information, take a look at the Argo Water Tank Trailer PDF Flyer.

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Water Trailer Design

Each available water trailer is designed as a complete spray system that can transport all necessary equipment to and from a location. The water tank trailers come ready to use that day even if they have been custom made to your project specfications. The value control instructions are mounted on the deck, so they're readily available during each use. Each trailer system includes:

water tank trailer pump and engine
  • DOT Approved Trailer
    • Height Adjustable Hitch
    • Electrical Brakes
    • 6" Channel Iron
    • DOT Approved LED Brake Lights
  • Elliptical Polyethylene Leg Tank
  • 4 HP Honda Engine
  • 2" Honda Pump
  • 25' Hose and Spray Gun (50' and 75' options available)
  • Galvanized Spray Bar

Water Trailer Uses and Applications

The large capacity water trailer is often used for applications where a significant amount of water is required at a single time. They have become a favorite for construction areas and arenas where dust or dirt suppression is essential. Various applications where you might find this water tank being used include:

Uses Applications
Tree Spraying Nurseries
Crop Watering Agricultural Fields
Rinsing Equipment Construction Sites
Dust Suppression Arenas
Fire Suppression Fire Fighting Brush Fires
Landscaping Parks or Recreation Fields

Water Trailer Options

water tank trailerIn addition to this 1,000 gallon water tank trailer, we also offer several additional portable water options that include smaller a tank (500 gallons) and a larger tank (1,600 gallons) that can help with your spray or watering applications. Additional water trailer options include:

  • Spray Tanks
  • Auto Skid Units
  • Boom Sprayers
  • 3 Point Sprayers
  • Skid Power Sprayers
  • Arena Sprayers

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Questions about a 1,000 gallon water tank trailer? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.