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Potable Water Trailer

Express 550 Potable Water Trailer

potable water trailer The 550 gallon Express Potable Water Trailer is expertly designed to deliver clean drinking water to various remote locations, including portable offices, RVs, cabins, and more. While the trailer itself is not NSF certified, it features components that meet the highest safety standards; its tank, pump, hoses, and all plumbing elements are approved by the FDA, NSF, and ANSI specifically for potable water use. This ensures that the water remains safe and uncontaminated during transportation. Additionally, the trailer can be customized with optional features such as a convenient hose reel with hose for easy dispensing and a rear spray bar, enhancing its functionality and versatility. Ideal for both temporary and long-term applications, this water trailer is a reliable solution for transporting and dispensing potable water wherever it is needed.

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Express 550 Gallon Potable Water Trailer Features

  • 550 Gallon Algae Resistant Tank FDA Approved for Drinking Water
  • Honda engine powers 2″ Stainless Steel Pump (NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 Certified)
  • DOT Trailer with Recessed LED Lighting
  • Anti-Siphon Fill
  • All Hoses and Plumbing are made of Certified Food Grade Components
  • Also available in 800, 1,025, and 1,600 gallons

Express 550 Gallon Potable Water Trailer Specifications

Length 161”
Width 79” (w/ Fenders)
Height 66"
Capacity 550 Gallons (FDA & NSF Approved/ Polyethylene Tank w/lid lock)
Pump 2” Stainless Steel with Honda (NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 Certified)
Maximum Flow Rate 180 Gallons Per Minute
Hoses and Plumbing All Hoses Are Food Grade. All Plumbing Is Compatible With Potable Drinking Water.
Fill 2” Anti-Siphon with 20’ of 2” Hose
Garden Hose Spigots 1 Gravity and 1 Pressure
Hitch 2” Ball or 3” Pintle
Trailer DOT Approved with Surge Brakes
Axles/Brakes Tandem Spring Axles / Surge Brakes
Tires ST225/75D15
GVWR 6,000 lb
Empty Weight 1,800 lb
Options Hose Reel with 1” X 50’ Hose, Rear Spray Bar with 2 Spray Nozzles

*The recommended tongue weight for a 550 model should fall within the range of approximately 650 to 950 lbs, accounting for variations based on the motor type and additional accessories.


Flyer to Download: Express 550 Potable Water Trailer (PDF)

Express 550 Potable Water Trailer Applications

Water Trailer for saleThe Express 550 Potable Water Trailer is a versatile and essential resource for delivering safe drinking water to remote and difficult-to-access areas. This trailer is especially valuable in environments such as construction sites, outdoor festivals, and remote residential areas, where establishing a reliable water supply can be challenging. Equipped to serve portable offices, RV parks, and cabins, the Express 550 ensures that clean, potable water is readily available, supporting daily activities and enhancing living conditions. Its components, including the tank, pump, hoses, and plumbing, are all approved by the FDA, NSF, and ANSI, guaranteeing that the water remains safe for consumption during transport and storage.

Further enhancing its utility, the trailer offers optional features that cater to specific needs. The inclusion of a hose reel with a hose simplifies the process of water dispensing, making it straightforward for users to access the water supply directly from the trailer. Additionally, the rear spray bar expands the trailer's functionality, allowing it to be used for tasks such as landscape irrigation and street cleaning. This adaptability makes the Express 550 Potable Water Trailer an invaluable tool not just for basic water delivery, but also for supporting a variety of operational tasks across multiple industries and events.

Portable Water Trailer Uses

Portable water trailers applicationsPortable Water Trailers for Agriculture: The 550-gallon Express Potable Water Trailer is an ideal mobile watering solution designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of the agricultural and ranching sectors. This trailer is perfect for facilities that require reliable water storage and easy mobility to different sites within large areas. Its compact yet robust design allows for efficient water or liquid transportation, crucial for daily operations in farming environments. Common uses within the agricultural community include watering crops and vegetation, providing essential water to livestock, and facilitating effective dust suppression, which is vital for maintaining healthy air quality around sensitive agricultural operations.

Water Trailers for Arenas:

arena water sprayer trailer The 550-gallon Express Potable Water Trailer is an essential tool for arena maintenance, adept at facilitating various key functions. It excels in dust suppression, crucial for both participant safety and spectator comfort, by evenly distributing water across the arena to minimize airborne particles. This capability also enhances ground compaction, ensuring a stable and safe surface for equestrian and other sports events. Beyond maintaining the playing surface, the trailer can be used for general cleaning tasks such as washing down seating areas and stalls, as well as irrigating surrounding vegetation to keep the facility's aesthetic and functional standards high. Its versatile functionality and ease of operation make the Express 550 an invaluable asset for efficient and effective arena management.

If your facility doesn't need the robust features of the 550 Portable Water Trailer, our Express Arena Trailer may be just what you're looking for. If you're not sure what trailer you need, call us. We'll work with you to find the best option for your price and job-site needs.

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If you have questions about water trailers for potable water transport, give our sales team a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.