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Mars brand Pillow Tanks manufactured by GEI Works 10,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank Made in the USA by GEI Works

FAQ: What tank can hold 10,000 gallons of brine water?

water tankQuestion: I am looking for a 10000 gallon water storage tank that I can use to store brine water during construction work. Can a pillow water tank be used for this type of storage? What type of fabric used for the type of storage? What kind of fittings can I put on this tank?

Answer: A pillow water tank is an excellent option for this type of water storage. These tanks are flexible, easy to move, and fast to deploy once they arrive on location. Flexible 1000 gallon Water Storage Tanks have been used to store multiple water types including brine water, process water, production water, and frac fluids. When used for construction, these tanks are often used to pack dirt and wash down equipment after use.

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Fabric Options

The fabric used for your water storage tank will vary depending on the specific type of water you are trying to store. In general, anytime you are looking to store a liquid in one of our collapsible tanks, fabrics are chosen based on the liquid you are trying to store. For instance, if your tank is being used to store drinking water, inner fabrics will be NSF 61 and FDA approved for drinking water.

Fabric options that may be used for your tank include:

  • Polymer Alloy
  • Polyurethane
  • E PVC Coated Fabrics

Tank fabric options include models to successfully sore diesel fuel, frac water, drinking water, spray materials and very types of chemicals.


Due to the flexible nature of these tanks, almost any fitting can be added to these 10000 gallon water storage tank units. Standard fittings that are placed on these tanks include ball valves and hose adapters to fill and empty your tank. This allows the tank to be easily hooked up to hoses, pumps, and valves. If you have a special fitting you require for these tanks, please let us know. Fittings have often been added to these tanks to meet site-specific requirements.

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