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Secondary Containment Berms

Question on a 20 x 50 secondary containment berm: I need to get information and a quote for a 20 x 50 ft secondary containment berm, held up by the aluminum angles. Where can this be used? What kind of liquid can it contain?


Hello there! I would be happy to help you with this. Our Secondary Containment Berms with aluminum angles are equipped for demanding containment requirements and have been used for both vehicle and industrial equipment containment.

Aluminum Angle Berm Compliance

secondary containment bermThe aluminum angle berm is designed to operate in a wide range of secondary containment applications and has been used for the containment of several different liquids including the following:

  • Water (Frac Water, Contaminated Water, Process Water, etc)
  • Chemicals
  • Fuels (Diesel, Jet A, and Hydrocarbons)

To help comply with various liquids, berm liners are made from several different fabrics that allow the berm to comply with multiple liquids. When looking for a containment berm, please specify if the berm will be used for short-term or long-term containment. For some liquids, an MSDS (material safety data sheet) may be required to ensure compatibility with your liquid.

Aluminum Angle Berm Applications

Due to the flexibility of the aluminum angle berm, this secondary containment unit can be stored and used in several different applications to help temporarily contain your materials. Some of the most common applications for these berms include the following:

  • Frac Tank Secondary Containment
  • Fuel Tank Containment
  • Vehicle Containment
  • Tank Storage
  • Drum Storage and Containment

For further ease of containment, we also have a variety of optional accessories available, such as Ground Covers, Cloths & Liners, Heavy Duty Tread Pads, Drain Fittings, Patch & Repair Kits, and Carry & Storage Bags.


For pricing information on a 20 x 50 Secondary Containment Berm, please feel free to Request a Price Quote. Don't hesitate to contact our tech team for further questions at +1-772-646-0597. Portable Tank Group Portable Tank Group tech team - We Jump Through Hoops For Our Customers!