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25,000 Gallon Large Capacity Storage Tank Made in the USA by GEI Works

FAQ: How do I get pricing for large capacity storage tanks?

Customer was needing a 25000 gallon large capacity storage tank. See more on this inquiry and how the pillow tank may be able to work for this application.

Question: Hello, I am looking for a large capacity storage tank in the size of at least 25,000 gallons. I saw that perhaps your pillow tanks would be able to meet my size requirements so I was wondering how I could get pricing on these types of tanks?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The Pillow Tank is a great option for this type of large capacity storage. These tanks can actually be made in sizes anywhere from 25 gallons to 210,000 gallons in size, including a 25,000 gallon model.

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large capacity storage tank

In order to provide you with the best option for your location, we will require some additional information regarding your location and the type of liquid you are looking to store.

Information that can help use determine the best option for your location includes:

  • Type of Liquid (drinking water, non-potable water, gray water, septic, diesel fuel, Jet A fuel)
  • Location Intended for Storage (any spacing restrictions?)
  • Amount of Time you are Needing to Store your Liquids (1 year? 10 years)
  • Fittings Required (if yes, what size and how many)

The collapsible tank is a highly flexible storage unit that has been used in several different liquid storage applications. For more information on these tanks and how they can be used, please check out our Pillow Tank Overview Page.