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FAQ: Do ground soil conditions matter for rain water storage tanks?

2500 gallon water tankQuestion: I am looking for a 2500 gallon water tank that I can use to store rain water for irrigation. I was considering your collapsible tanks. What are the considerations and stability on sandy soil?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For irrigation water collection and storage, the Collapsible Tank can be a great choice due to its flexible nature and fast setup times. These tanks have often been implemented in crawl spaces, such as under decks and inside basements, as well as in several outdoor locations. The collapsible tank has also been placed in level, open ground pits to help store water in convenient locations.

One of the best advantages of the collapsible tank is its flexible design. This has allowed the tank to successfully be constructed to almost any capacity between 1 and 210,000 gallons, with larger sizes available upon request. The tank closest to your request would be our 2600 gallon tank with typically measures 15 feet in length, 11 feet in width, and 2.1 feet in height (15' L x 11' W x 2.1' H).

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2500 Gallon Water Tank Features

The collapsible 2500 gallon water tank is often used for outdoor storage locations and contains a natural resistance to UV exposure as well as various extreme temperatures. This has allowed the tank to be used in both negative temperatures (as low as -42° F depending on the fabric) and extremely high temperatures up to 180° F.

Material construction of this tank includes:

  • Fabric Options: Typical fabrics used for rainwater storage include polyurethane, polymer alloy, and E-PCV coated materials. If you intend to filter this water and use it for drinking water, FDA and NSF 61 approved materials are available for safe potable water storage.
  • Fittings: Standard fittings for a collapsible tank include items made from the aluminum, stainless steel, and polypropylene material. These fittings typically measure 3/4" through 2" in size, although large fittings from 4" to 6" are also available.

pillow tank

2500 Gallon Water Tank Care and Storage

Since you have requested information on the care and storage of this tank, there are a couple of things generally recommended for the storage of a collapsible tank.

First, the tank should be placed on a level ground to help ensure stability. Since you have mentioned that your area might be sandy, using additional ground support such as berms or ground cloths can be helpful. These fabrics help to create a firmer ground structure while additionally working to help protect your tank from abrasion.

Second, a careful consideration should also be taken to the surrounding areas around your storage tank. In general, the area should be inspected and cleared of sharp edges, stones, glass and other potential harmful areas. This can help to increase your tank life and storage.

2500 Gallon Water Tank Benefits

  • Fast Setup
  • Lower Shipping Costs
  • Easy Transportation when Empty
  • Large Storage Capacities
  • Compatibility with Several Extreme Temperatures
  • Fittings for use with Pumps, Hoses, and Pipes
  • Quality Construction for Reliable Liquid Storage

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