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Skid Sprayer Accessories

Skid Sprayers, ATVs, UTVs and More

UTV Boomless Sprayer and AccessoriesNeeding skid sprayer accessories? Our wide selection of options and add-ons help you to customize your skid sprayer, ATVs, UTVs and more for your specific needs. All of our accessories are made to the highest standard and provide reliable durability. All of our skid sprayers and accessories are made in the USA. We ship from multiple locations nationwide to save you time on shipping and reduce your costs. For more information on our large selection of skid sprayers, UTVs, ATVs, and PCOs contact us today or call 1-863-261-8388 for more information. Our sprayer accessories include pump options and hose reel options, as well as boom and nozzle options, which are found on our Sprayer Boom and Nozzle page.

Looking for pump and engine options? Our equipment ships from warehouses across the U.S. for shorter delivery times. Contact us for more information on our full line of Skid Sprayers and larger Nurse Trailer selection. We can help! Contact Us for information on other liquid storage options. Call our sales team at 1-863-261-8388 or request a quote.

Skid Sprayer Accessories

Our selection of skid sprayers accessories provide a wide range of options for your particular job. Sprayer accessories include hose reels, booms, handgun sprayers, pumps, wire harnesses, pressure gauges, tank lids, plumbing kits and more. Review our available accessories in more detail below.

Sprayer Accessories: Replacement Handgun Sprayers, Pressure Gauges, Wiring Harnesses, and ATV/UTV Sprayer Plumbing Manifolds

Replacement Handgun Sprayers

Upgrade or replace your handgun sprayer.

Pro Series Handgun Sprayer
  • Handgun w/Adjustable Tip
  • Deluxe Handgun w/X-26 Tip
  • 13" Pro Handgun
  • 22" Pro Handgun
  • 43LA Handgun w/D6 Disc

ATV/UTV Sprayer Plumbing Manifolds

  • QC Manifold 3/8" Handgun, 1/2" Boom, 3/4 MGHT Bypass
  • QC Manifold 3/8" Handgun, 1/2" Boom, 3/8" Bypass
  • Port To O-ring
  • Port To Clip

Replacement Pressure Gauges

For skid sprayers

Dry Gauge Sprayer
  • 2 1/2" 0-60PSI Dry Gauge 43LA Handgun w/D6 Disc
  • 2" 0-100PSI Dry Gauge
  • 2 1/2" 0-100PSI Liquid Filled

Wiring Harnesses

  • 8" Lead Wire Assembly
  • 5' Extension Wire Assembly
  • 10' 14 Gauge Wire Harness w/Switch
  • 8' 16 Gauge Wire Harness w/Switch
  • 8' Wire Harness W/Cigarette Lighter Plug

Single Nozzle Sprayer Kits

Bolt-On Boomless Nozzle Assembly for Spot Sprayers with Top-Mounted Pumps

Single Nozzle Spot Sprayer Kit
  • Boomless Nozzle - Covers 15 Feet
  • Fully Adjustable & Fits Most Sprayers
  • Complete With All Hoses & Fittings To Attach To Most Sprayers
  • Includes Separate Cut-Off Valve For Controlling Nozzle

Replacement Handgun Sprayers

Upgrade or replace your handgun sprayer.

UTV Boomless Sprayer and Accessories
  • 2" Poly Pump with 5.5 Briggs & Stratton Engine (Also available with Honda engine)
  • 15' of 2" Suction Hose with Suction Strainer
  • 25' of 1" Discharge Hose
  • 1" fire Nozzle with Quick Coupler
  • AA43L-AL6 Handgun with Quick Coupler

Skid Plumbing Options (Only Needed For Skids With Booms)

  • Dual Agitator Kit
  • Plumbing with Electric Boom Control Less Pump
  • Plumbing with Manual Boom Control Less Pump

Remote Control, Multi-Lid and Drain Cap

On/off Wireless Remote Control

Controls ALL 12 Volt Products Up To 20 Amps

12 Volt Wireless Remote
  • Wireless Remote
  • Convenient Keychain Clip
  • Quick Connect to FIMCO Products
  • Or Wire Into All 12 Volt Products
  • Up to 20 Amps


Accurately measures & pours chemicals with pest control, fertilizer or fire suppressing gels.

Multilid Pouring
  • Food Grade, 32 Ounce Measuring Cup Is Attached To Tank Lid
  • Garden Hose Port Secures Hose For Safe And Easy Filling With One Person
  • Fits Sprayers With A 5" Tank Lid
  • Made In The USA

Drain Cap and Tank Lid Replacement

  • Tank Drain Cap with Tether 3/4"FGHT
  • 5" Threaded Tank Lid with Lanyard

These options can be added to your sprayer package or order them separately.

For more information, see our product guide on the Small Skid Sprayers and Accessories (PDF).

Skid Sprayer Boom Applications

Our skid sprayers, PCOs, UTVs, and ATVs are created to use with a wide array of applications for spraying and watering. Ideal for pest control and insecticide spraying, fire suppression and burn control, lawn and garden care, and more. Our skid sprayers and accessories are dependable, durable and made to get the job done. All of our skid sprayers and accessories are made in the USA, and ship from locations across the nation. Call us at 1-863-261-8388 to talk with one of our team members to order the skid sprayer or accessory that's just right for your job!

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More questions about our specialty spray guns and extensions, hoses, nozzles, and more to handle all your cleaning needs from beginning to end. Call our sales team at 1-863-261-8388 or request a quote.

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