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Aluminum Angle Containment Berm

Secondary Containment for Machinery & Storage Tanks

spill containment bermFor containment under tanks, vehicles, and machinery, the 12' x 50' x 1' H aluminum angle berm is the perfect choice. Great for containment of leaks, spills, and drips, these berms are often used under frac tanks to help successfully contain materials and prevent contamination to surrounding locations.

In addition to this common size, Aluminum Angle Berms are available in a variety of other standard sizes, as well as custom sizing options. For more information regarding sizing for these spill containment berms, see Aluminum Angle Berm Specifications Page.

Aluminum Angle Berm Applications

The aluminum angle containment berm is one of our most widely used secondary containment products and is ideal for containment of tanks, drums, storage vessels, vehicles, machinery, tools and other on-site equipment. Angles are removable for fast lowering of the walls during transport of vehicles onto the berm. Common applications for this tank include use with the following items:

  • Frac Tanks
  • Machinery
  • Fueling Trucks and Tankers
  • 55 gallon Drums
  • Petroleum Storage Vessels
  • Chemical or Fuel Storage Tanks

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