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Containment Berm Uses and Applications

Secondary Containment Spill Berms

aluminum angle bermThe spill containment berm is a versatile secondary containment device designed to fit around drums, vehicles, machinery, and tanks to successfully contain liquids or spills that may occur. While they are available in several different styles, each unit is equipped with a ground liner and surrounding walls to provide containment underneath and around storage vessels.

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Secondary Containment Styles

Choosing the right style for your location will depend on several different factors, including the type of liquid you may need to contain, the product you will be storing, and the expected contact time. If you are unsure of which option would be best for your location, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your containment requirements. Some options are:

  • Aluminum Angle Walls
  • Foam Walls
  • Angle/Foam Combination Walls

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Aluminum Angle Walls

aluminum angle spill bermAluminum Angle Wall Models are a favorite for storage items that require long-term stationary storage. Offering an increased containment capacity (typical wall height of 1 ft.), these units are able to effectively contain large amounts of liquid in a single model. This is perfect for large tanks or liquid storage units.

Foam Walls

foam wall containment bermOffering a lower standard wall height (typically around 4"), the Foam Wall Berms are often chosen for areas that require a drive-through ability on and off of the unit. Foam wall models are designed to allow vehicles or machinery to drive directly over the entrance walls of berm. As they move over the walls, the foam wall will indent then pop back up, making entering and exiting the berm a fast and easy process.

Spill Control and Containment

The containment unit is frequently used for emergency spill response, decontamination, and secondary containment applications. In each setting, this berm functions as a barrier to prevent a spill or leak from spreading or contaminating another area. Drive Through barriers, in particular, are a type of containment product that allows for contaminated vehicles to be cleaned without polluting surrounding soil or groundwater.

Some of the most common secondary containment applications for this product include:

  • Tank Storage & Containment
  • Secondary Containment for Drums
  • Barriers for Large Tanks & Vehicles
  • Military Containment
  • Secondary Containment for Fracking, Mining, and Gas Industries
  • Decontamination Pools (both oil and HAZMAT)
  • Emergency Response to Industrial Incidents
  • Frac Tank Containment

Erosion Control

erosion control In erosion control applications, these barriers direct water from areas high at risk for erosion, such as bridges, shorelines, areas with high rainfall, low clay content, or steep inclines.

A variety of natural and man-made materials are used for erosion control construction, including earth, rock, concrete, coir, and geotextiles. The materials are typically used in conjunction with one another to
provide optimal stability.

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