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Best Way to Purify Stored Water

Learn the best way to purify stored water through our customer comments listed below:

Donna: We have well water that we also store in a large tank and we treat it with CLO2. This is the most effective and affordable way we have found to treat our drinking water. It is far more effective than chlorine or iodine and is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and it leaves no aftertaste. It is even 250% more effective than hydrogen peroxide. Just wanted to share this method with others who may be seeking the best way to purify stored water in their existing storage tank.


Portable Tank Group: Hi Donna - Thank you for posting this information. I think folks will find this very helpful when storing drinking water for consumption.


Susanne: We are wanting to store above ground water for our cabin. This seems like what you are doing. Could you please let me know the ratio you use of CLO2: Water so we can do the same. Thank you very much.


Portable Tank Group: Hello Susanne, thank you for asking. We recommend no more than 5% solution and will send you our sanitization flyer for further information. Also regular cleaning and water tests help. This will not necessarily keep the water potable. We would suggest further treatment per local health department recommendations.


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