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Water Storage in California

California Water Crisis Solutions

California damCalifornia has some of the most variable weather conditions in the country, ranging from drought to flood in any given season or year. Northern California carries most of the water supply, while Southern California contains the majority of the population. The California water supply is managed and distributed by the Department of Water Resources through the State Water Project. Through the SWP program, the California water system includes dams, the California Aqueduct, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and 17 above ground reservoirs.

But what about you? How prepared do you feel? Are you adequately served by the California water system? Do you have water storage in case of a drought or fire? Water Storage Tanks offers a number of environmentally-friendly options for water storage in California, whether for a business, home, or small municipality.

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California Water Drought Preparation

dry riverbed in CaliforniaWater storage in California is an extreme concern during a drought, especially for residents who aren't connected to a municipal California water system. As the water table sinks and wells dry up, new solutions are necessary. As drought mitigation measures in some counties, tanks are installed in the yards of residents with weekly fills from delivery trucks through state and county programs.

If you want to plan ahead for a California water drought or you need a water tank now, Water Storage Tanks has what you need. We have a number of eco-friendly tanks ready to handle potable water for your household. Depending on the available space and amount of water needed, we have the right tank for water storage in California.

For more information about drought mitigation measures, look through Drought Facts from San Diego State University.

Rainwater and Snow Melt Storage

collapsible rainwater tankSince the passage of the Rainwater Recapture Act of 2012, Californians have been able to capture and contain rainwater for use in their homes and businesses. This helps alleviate pressure on the potable California water supply and makes use of one of the untapped California water sources for landscaping and fire suppression purposes.

Water Storage Tanks has a large range of environmentally- safe above ground and underground tanks that can be used in any rainwater or snow melt collection system. Alleviate worries about California water allocation by collecting your own water supply. From rigid plastic tanks to water bladders to fit in a crawl space, we have a tank for many situations.

Water Storage for California Wildfires

California wildfiresWildfires rage through dry California forests on what is becoming a regular basis. Many California water sources, such as nearby streams and watersheds, become contaminated by sediment, debris, and other organic matter from the fires. Utilities are severely impacted, and their facilities often cannot keep with up with level of filtration needed for the correct California water allocation to residential and small business areas.

While the amount of water kept on private land often isn't enough to fight the wildfires themselves, businesses and residents can prepare for the possible contamination of the California water supply. Water Storage Tanks has a variety of tanks for both potable and grey water, depending on the needs of the location and what local municipalities have available. Our Corrugated Steel Tanks meet NFPA and state regulations for water storage, including fire suppression and potable water.

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