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Diesel Fuel Tanks for Mining Operation

Paramaribo, Suriname

Question: I am interested in the collapsible diesel fuel tanks. We have a limit of 20,000 liters and it will be used for our mining operation. I am also looking at water storage tanks for drinking water. I see thatcollapsible diesel fuel tanks, fuel bladders, collapsible fuel bladders you have tanks for both short term and long term storage. I plan on storing it for about 1 week and each time to be refilled. Is this considered long term?

Answer: Greetings to you in Suriname! I'd be happy to tell you about our collapsible fuel tanks as well as our water storage tanks.

Our collapsible fuel bladders and pillow tanks are manufactured for UV resistance, abrasion, low (military) or high visibility (aviation), low profile (open spaces) and varied climate use. Manufactured from Urethane, Rubber or Polymer Alloy Coated Fabric, the tank can be designed for short or long term use. Long term use is usually considered 12 months or more. The most popular water tanks are our commercial grade portable pillow tanks and offer 5 years contact time for drinking water holding tanks. Pillow water tanks are manufactured using durable coated fabrics which are NSF 61 and FDA compliant. Learn more about Pillow Tanks, sizes and uses.

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