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Collapsible Tank for Oil Fields

Question regarding a collapsible oilfield frac tank: I am interested in a collapsible oilfield frac tank. How often are the bladders used as frac tanks in the oilfield?


collapsible oilfield frac tankThank you for contacting us! The Collapsible Frac Tanks are fairly new to the oilfield and mining industry. However, with many companies looking for economical solutions to their water, fracking liquids, or fuel storage, they are starting to become more and more popular.

When compared to a standard steel frac tank, the collapsible units can offer very specific advantages for the storage of brine water, process water, fracking fluids, and more. Some of the advantages includes:

  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Capacities (up to 210,000 gallons in a single storage tank)
  • Lower Shipping Costs (multiple tanks can be shipped in a single container)
  • 50% Higher Heat Retention (huge savings in terms of heating costs)
  • Wide Temperature Range (tanks are ideal for temperatures as low as -58 F and as high as 180 F)
  • Many Fabric Options (Tanks have successfully stored several different liquids including brine, process and frac water. Various materials have even been equipped to store fuel)
  • Multiple Fitting Options Available (Tanks can be equipped with almost any fitting required. They have often been connected to pipes and hoses for frequent pumping and discharge)

One of the main factors contractors tank into consideration with these materials is their ability to store large quantities of liquid in a single tank. The standard steel frac tank is usually designed to store either 500 BBL or 600 BBL liquid capacity, while the collapsible frac tank can store as much as 500 BBL in a single tank. This can help to reduce storage footprints and limit the amount of tanks required for location.

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