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Cone Tanks

Easy to Mix, Store, and Drain

cone tankCone Bottom Tanks are an easy solution for any facility handling the storage or mixing of materials. Perfect for pharmaceuticals, powders, drugs, wine and other liquids, these tanks can easily be filled with materials and quickly drained as needed. This creates a mixing process that is easy, fast and effective.

For successful mixing of materials, cone bottom tanks are offered in two standard options:

  1. Open Top Tanks
  2. Closed Top Tanks

More information on both of these tanks can be found below.

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Open Top Cone Bottom Tanks

cone tanksAs mentioned before, the Open Top Cone Bottom Tanks are the perfect choice for mixing applications. They have been used in the wine and beer industry as well as in several industrial chemical mixing plants. Some features for this tank include:

  • Open Top for Easy Access to Materials
  • Linear Polyethylene Construction
  • FDA Approved Resins
  • Maximum Operating Temperature of 140 F
  • Cone Bottom for Fast Draining

The standard cone tank requires a stand for chemical draining and support. The AP Series tank have a built in poly stand that requires no additional support and offers a higher resistance to rust and corrosion.


Closed Top Cone Storage Tanks

conical tank with poly standFor long term storage, the Conical Bottom Storage Tanks are a classic choice. These tanks feature large capacities and closed top for longer liquid storage. Some features include:

  • 30 degree Cone Angle
  • Tie Down Slots for Added Support
  • FDA approved Resins
  • JC Series: Commercial with a 1.5 Specific Gravity
  • JA Series: Industrial with a 1.9 Specific Gravity

As with the cone tank above, these tanks features a built-in poly stand version for easy support, storage, and draining.

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Give us a call at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.