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Corrugated Steel Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Above Ground

corrugated steel rainwater tanksWe carry corrugated steel rainwater tanks in a broad range of sizes. From 5,000 to 100,000 gallons, our tanks work well for small businesses trying to save on water consumption or large industrial facilities supplementing their equipment cooling systems. Rainwater harvesting tanks can also be fitted with brass firefighting adapters and anti-vortex fittings for fire suppression.

More businesses and contractors are implementing environmentally friendly plans and systems within their buildings and project sites. Rainwater collection tanks offer increased economical water efficiency for any commercial buildings. By taking advantage of renewable resources and eco-friendly equipment, builders can earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.

Our standard rainwater tank system has a flat top roof with an optional fascia strip for possible sharp edges. Steel rainwater tanks are best suited for warmer climates. However, we also offer additional roof models and cold weather options. Contact our rainwater project specialists for more information.

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Corrugated Steel Rainwater Tank Specifications

Capacity (Gallons) Diameter Wall Height
5,000 11' 7' 2"
10,000 15' 5" 7' 2"
15,000 19' 9" 7' 2"
20,000 22' 7' 2"
29,000 26' 4" 7' 2"
40,000 30' 9" 7' 2"
50,000 35' 2" 7' 2"
65,000 39' 6" 7' 2"
100,000 39' 6" 10' 7"

Accessories for Rainwater Collection Tanks

fire fittings for corrugated tanksLiners - For our steel rainwater tanks, we offer antimicrobial liners for fresh, clean water. Every liner is BPA-free and certified for drinking water storage (NSF/ANSI 61). The long 65-year lifespan of each liner is due to its five double-welded layers.

Fire Hose Fittings ? To use your rainwater harvesting system for fire protection, equip the tank with anti-vortex fittings and adapters. Also eliminate plastic fittings with brass outlets and valves.

Water Level Indicators ? Being able to see the water level in your rainwater tank system is extremely convenient. Our water level indicators attach to the exteriors of the steel rainwater tanks for immediate level determinations. Choose between float and pulley or wireless systems.

Want more information on our corrugated metal water tanks? Visit our Corrugated Steel Tank Overview.

To keep your rainwater tank from freezing, consider a tank heater blanket. Made to fit your rainwater tank, they are easy to install, are very reliable, and heat the tank evenly throughout. Ask us about options!

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*Ask us about financing options!