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Corrugated Steel Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

corrugated steel rainwater tanksCorrugated steel rainwater tanks are used for a wide range of applications, including rain water harvesting and storage for home, business, or farm. From 722 to over 600,000 gallons. Our rainwater tanks work well for anyone trying to save on water consumption, as well as large industrial facilities supplementing their equipment cooling systems. Rain water harvesting tanks can be fitted with brass firefighting adapters and anti-vortex fittings for fire suppression.

Our standard rainwater tank system has a flat top roof with an optional fascia strip for possible sharp edges. Steel rainwater tanks are best suited for warmer climates. However, we also offer additional roof models and cold weather options. Contact our rainwater project specialists for more information.

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Rainwater Collection Tank Feature

Inside of a corrugated steel tank with a linerPanels - G115 and G140 hot dip galvanized panels are most commonly used. Sheets range in gauges depending on engineering calculation for a specific tank. Panels are delivered to site where they will be assembled for installation.

Liners - The liner included with your tank is welded to the dimensions of the tank prior to installation, except for larger tanks. These tank may require some field welding. Our NSF-61 rated flexible membrane liner systems, made from approved materials, meet AWWA 130 standards.

Flooring Designs – The majority of rainwater collection tanks are built on concrete foundations, making a steel floor unnecessary. For tanks engineered to be self-anchored with steel floors, we have anchors that meet ASCE7-10 and all AWWA requirements. We use tall anchor saddles and A36 F155r zinc or galvanized all-thread anchor rods. Standard non-seismic anchors, heavy-duty seismic anchors, stiffener pages, as well as other options are available.

Fitting leading to a pipe on a corrugated steel tankExtended Life - Our rainwater harvesting tanks are tough, corrosion resistant tanks with an average life span of 30-35 years. In fact, we believe in our tanks so much we offer up to a 20-year warranty for manufacturing defects. You save money when you buy our corrugated rainwater tank, and when it reaches its lifespan, it’s half the cost to replace compared to epoxy coated tanks.

Fire Hose Fittings - To use your rainwater harvesting system for fire protection, equip the tank with anti-vortex fittings and adapters. Eliminate plastic fittings with brass outlets and valves.

Corrugated Tanks PDFs

Corrugated bolted steel tanks are perfect for rainwater harvesting. Find out more about our tanks, available appurtenance options, and engineering package.

Rainwater Collection Tank Applications

Rainwater collection tanks are commonly used in rural locations, areas with limited access to city water or those prone to droughts. Rainwater tanks are great for lowering water bills and providing extra water supply. Our rainwater harvesting tanks make additional water storage solution for homeowners, farmers and industrial businesses. Use for drinking water storage, agriculture, and food processing. Corrugated tanks are also ideal for dual domestic water storage, irrigation, and fire suppression. Other uses include:

  • Irrigation
  • Fire Suppression
  • Home Utility Water Supply
  • Livestock Watering
  • Vehicle Washing
  • Laundromats
  • Custodial Services
  • Rainwater for Toilets
  • Drinking Water Storage
  • Water for Food Processing/Facilities

More businesses and contractors are implementing environmentally friendly plans and systems within their buildings and project sites. Our corrutaged steel rainwater tanks offer increased economical water efficiency for any commercial building. AWWA compliant tanks make harvested water appropriate for filtering water back down into drinking water. By taking advantage of renewable resources and eco-friendly equipment, builders can earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.

How Corrugated Tanks Are Installed

Corrugated steel tank installed on a concrete foundationOnce your tank dimensions and location needs are determined, your tank will be fabricated and is ready to be shipped. Use our tank calculator to help determine the size and style of tank you need for your site. Our corrugated rainwater tank is designed with lightweight, corrugated panels and a flat roof to be assembled onsite. Once your panels arrive on site, you can install the tank yourself, or we can provide installation and engineering service options.

Our corrugated bolted tanks are usually placed on concrete foundations, and then built layer by layer from the ground up, including the roof structure, and any additional appurtenances. Field erect tanks are easier to maneuver and handle, lowering your overall shipping costs, We offer many additional custom components and appurtenances for your rainwater collection tank.

Want more information on our corrugated metal water tanks? See our Corrugated Water Tank pdf.

To keep your rainwater tank from freezing, consider a tank heater blanket. Made to fit your rainwater tank, they are easy to install, are very reliable, and heat the tank evenly throughout. Ask us about options!

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