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Diesel Fuel Transportation

FAQ: Are there small tanks for easy fuel transporation?

Question: I am looking for a small diesel fuel storage tank that can be used to transport fuel. Can you assist with this? What options do you have available for fuel transport? Can I used on of your flexible tanks for fuel?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We do offer flexible tanks for hazardous materials, however, those tanks are for stationary water storage. Instead we recommend for you a diesel fuel caddy.

In terms of diesel fuel transportation, the best option available is the portable small Diesel Fuel Storage Tank, or the Gas Caddy. These caddies offer a storage capacity of 28 gallons and are designed for easy transportation around your facility or location.

Features for this diesel fuel caddy or the gas caddy include:

  • 28 gallon Capacity diesel fuel caddy
  • UL Spring Loaded Nozzle
  • UL Approved Hose with Static Wire
  • Pneumatic Tires with Nylon Bearings
  • Nylon Wheel Hubs
  • Molded-In Baffle
  • Meets UN and DOT Specifications

This portable fuel tank can be used in several different locations including around construction sites, facilities, fueling stations, farms, nurseries, and military sites. Learn more about Portable Tanks for transportation.

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