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Flexible Frac Tank Information

FAQ: Do you rent frac tanks to store high acid products?

frac tanks Question: Do you rent frac tanks? I am asking because we are a 24 hour company and at times it is hard to get our hands on storage tanks and they would only be used on a temporary basis.

Also, do you have any that you could put high acid products in while waiting for transport? What material is the frac tank made of? How would you clean it?

Answer: Unfortunately, our frac tanks are available for purchase only and are not available for renting purposes. However, we do offer a Flexible Frac Tank option that may be able to suit your application and frac water storage requirements.

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Why Use a Flexible Frac Tank?

The following information can be viewed as some advantages to using our flexible frac tanks. In addition to be extremely large in size (tanks as large as 5000 BBL), these tanks are also foldable and able to be quickly transported to your needed location. Some further advantages to using these tanks includes the following:

  • flexible frac tanks50 % better heat retention and efficiency than steel
  • Less trucking costs and higher storage capacity through collapsible, flexible tank style
  • Multiple tanks can be transported by one truck
  • No support matting required
  • Less road usage
  • Less CO emissions being emitted into the atmosphere through a lower number of transportation trucks and less onsite truck usage
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Technical Specifications:

  • Liner Material: Heavy Duty Urethane (other materials available on request)
  • Sizes up to 210,000 gallons
  • Operating Temperatures between -58 F to 180 F

The urethane material is typically used for the storage of materials such as hydrocarbons and fuel. If you supply an MSDS, we can be sure to get you the tank to hold the liquid you need. Cleaning can be accomplished with a chlorine/water solution.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.