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Large Dust Suppression Water Trailers

FAQ: Do Dust Control Water Sprayers Come Mounted on Trailers?

dust suppression water trailer sprayerQuestion: Hello. I am looking for a dust control water sprayer that I can use for controlling dust. I need something with a fairly large capacity that can handle over 1,025 gallons. Would you have anything like this? How is it transported? Does it come with a trailer?

Answer: We do sell dust suppression trailers and other water tank trailer options. For the capacity you requested, there are a couple of size options you could consider. The water sprayers are mounted on trailers and arrive ready to operate. Water Storage Tanks carries water tank trailers and dust suppression trailers with 1,025 and 1,600 gallon capacities.

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Large Water Tank Trailers

water tank trailers

If you need a dust suppression trailer, the most convenient option is our Water Tank Trailers. These large capacity units are approved for DOT transportation and feature a polyethylene tank with the capacities of 1,000 or 1,600. This provides you with great features (pump, hose, and spray bar) and in a unit that is equipped to hook up to the back of vehicles for smooth transportation.

Large Dust Suppression Trailer Features:

  • DOT Compliant LED Brake Lights
  • Electric Brakes
  • Steel Diamond Tread Fenders
  • Galvanized Spray Bar
  • Inlet and Outlet Manifold Kit
  • 25' x 3/4" Hose with Trigger Gun
  • Wheels: 16 x 6, 8 hole, 6 1/2" Bolt Circle
  • 2"x4 Tsurumi Pump

Water Tank Trailer Specifications

Features 1,025 and 1,600 Gallon Model
Engine 5.5 HP Honda
GVWR Capacity 14,000 lbs.
Length 200"
Width 81" (with fenders)
Height 80" (with fill kit - 88")

Water Tank Trailers Accessories and Equipment

All water tank trailers are customizable to fit your specific project. Whether you need a dust suppression trailer or a smaller capacity water tank trailer for drining water, we have what you need. There is a range of supplemental equipment and options that can be added to your water trailer:

  • Hose Bibbs
  • Quick Fill Kit
  • Suction Fill Kit
  • Diamond Plate Deck
  • Coatings for UV Protection or FDA Potable Transport

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We also sell the utility trailer as a stand alone option, too!

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