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Containers for Emergency Drinking Water Storage

FAQ: What's available for small water storage tanks for emergencies?

flexible water tanksQuestion: Do you have small containers for drinking water storage? We would like to send some to Hawaii and Japan to help the people has access to fresh water.

Answer: Thank you for contacting Water Storage Tanks with your Emergency Drinking Water Storage inquiry. We have a couple of tanks that would work for your application.

The first option you could consider is the Collapsible Water Tank. These tanks are flexible, available in small capacities, and have been successfully used for emergency water storage. Additionally, you could consider Frame Tanks which are folding aluminum steel frame tanks with a flexible liner. They store well and are sturdy for use in multiple locations.

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Advantages of using these tanks for emergency water storage:

  1. Backup Supply: The first way customers have worked to use this tank is as a backup water storage tank. When used for this purpose, tanks are folded up and stored in closets and other spaces until their needed time. When an emergency is likely (such as a hurricane), tanks can be filled up with water and placed in bathrooms or even bathtubs.

  2. Alternative Storage: The second way to use these tanks is as a long-term water storage solution. Due to their small, flexible exterior, tanks can be placed under decks, in crawl spaces, and even in basements to store water until an emergency situation arrives.

Portable Emergency Water Tanks

If you are looking for something that offers additional portability, we also off ere a couple of different collapsible options that could work for your purposes. These tanks would include:

  • Portable Water Bags: These small, portable bags are designed for quick transportation from one location to the next. Bags contain a flexible exterior, built-in handles, and easy access for both filling and emptying. Emergency drinking water storage bags can be transported by truck or by hand.
  • Collapsible Pickup Truck Tanks: Another option for portable water storage is through the use of a collapsible pickup truck tank. These tanks are significantly smaller in size (50 to 250 gallons) but are designed to fit on the back of a pickup truck for transportation

View addtional options on our Emergency Water Storage Tank page or read about our Drinking Water Holding Tanks.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.