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Small Water Storage Bags

FAQ: Do the 5 gallon emergency water storage bags come with a spigot?

Question: Hello. I am interested in emergency water storage bags with a built-in handle. I am looking for something around 5 gallons. I would need several tanks.

Answer: For emergency water storage, many customers have found the Portable Water Bags an excellent solution. These bags a typically made in smaller capacities (1-20 gallons) and are available with several different fittings to help accommodate various requirements.

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Emergency Water Bag Construction

emergency water storage bagsThese small water bags have been constructed using drinking water materials, including tank fabrics that are both FDA and NSF 61 approved. Bags are designed for emergency storage, and are often stored around homes or facilities until an emergency arises. Standard design of these water bags includes:

  • Built-in Bag Handle
  • Ball Valves
  • Caps
  • FDA Approved Materials

While a standard design does not include a water spigot, it does include a ball valve and cap for easy filling and emptying of the unit. If desired, spigots may be added to the tank to help easily release water from the bag.

Emergency Storage

These bags are an excellent choice for emergency storage and have several features that make them ideal for this type of water storage.

  • Foldable: When empty, water storage bags can be folded until their required time of need. After a water storage bag has been dried, it can be folded flat again.
  • Easily Stored: Whether empty or full, these emergency water storage bags are easy to store. Bags may be placed empty on shelves, floors, cars, trunks, or other storage areas. Even when full, the water bag will be self-supporting and can be easily placed in crawl spaces, basements, pantries, bathtubs, and closets.
  • Portable: These water bags are also designed for quick portability and feature built-in handles that allow the tank to be picked up and moved to new locations. These bags have often been carried along hiking trails or camps.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.