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Water Storage Tanks Donates Fire Fighting Equipment

Press Release

Sebastian, FL--Need fire fighting equipment? The Florida Fire Chiefs Association hosted a silent auction to fund-raise and give back to volunteer firefighters, like the Five Points Volunteer Fire Department of Washington County, FL. Water Storage Tanks of Sebastian, FL donated a folding frames tank for the auction and was happy to see Five Points have the winning bid.

fire fighting equipment, folding frame tank, frame tanks Frame Tanks are most frequently used by fire departments and first responders when setup time is critical. Chief Myron Pierce explains why the donation is such a help to them:

We are located in the boondocks of one of the poorest counties in the Panhandle of Florida. We are operating presently on a very small budget. Since repair and maintenance bills on old equipment was eating up our budget, last year we had saved up enough to purchase a brand new ton 4-wheel drive Ford cab and chassis, on which we mounted a skid unit (foam) for use as a brush truck. We also tool the big plunge and purchased a brand new Pierce Contender with CAFS, so you see where the biggest bite of our budget goes for the next ten years!

fire fighting equipment, folding frame tank, frame tanks There are no hydrants in our district of approximately 60 square miles, so the amount of water we can take with us is what we have to fight with. We would like to thank Water Storage Tanks for donating the frame tank. We have never won anything on the bids before, and were thrilled to be the highest bidder. We find the tank to be of the highest quality and will be a welcomed addition to our firefighting capabilities, not only at our own fires, but also at mutual aid fire calls.

Water Storage Tanks offers a variety of storage tank solutions for a multitude of applications catering to residential, emergency water supply and fire rescue services, commercial/industrial, marine, aeronautics and military markets. President, Mark Wilkie, wish[es] the Five Point Volunteer Firefighters all the best and hope[s] that the tank doesnt have to be used often.

Whether you're looking for tanks, sprayers, skids, or folding frame tanks, we have a huge variety of large and small fire suppression solutions for your water storage needs. Find out more about all of our firefighting options at Fire Suppression Products (PDF).

fire fighting equipment, folding frame tank, frame tanks


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