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Flexible Water Tank for Marine Applications Made in the USA

FAQ: Can you make a potable water liner for a fiberglass tank on my boat?

A flexible potable water tank is an excellent choice for marine applications. See some advantages these tanks may be able to offer over existing steel or fiberglass tank units.


I am interested in a flexible potable water tank for a marine application. I already have a ~100 gallon fiberglass tank, but the fiberglass has degraded and I no longer trust it. I want to fill the tank area with a flexible bladder. My current fiberglass tank is trapezoidal, I can give you rough dimensions now. I want to store potable water.

My trapezoidal fiberglass tank size is roughly: 48" length, 30" width at one end with a depth of 25", and 25" width at other end with a depth of 21". These sizes are approximate. If I were going to have you make a custom fit tank, I would measure much more accurately first. So a rough price estimate is fine. If a trapezoidal tank adds significantly to the cost, please let me know the price of a rectangular tank that is 48"x25"x21". Would a collapsible tank be able to fit through a doorway or other small area? Can I place this directly into my tank?

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Answer:collapsible tank

Thank you for contacting us! The short answer is yes, a Flexible Potable Water Tank can be effective in the type of storage that you have described. Typically, collapsible bladder tanks are placed inside rectangular or circular units that are particularly old or leaky in their design.

The tank should be able to fit inside your trapezoidal tank, but I would have to check with our sales team to make sure that a collapsible tank could be built to fit this tank style.

In terms of sizing, we do have a couple of standard sizes that we use for our tanks. However, one of the largest benefits of a collapsible tank is its ability to be not only flexible, but also custom built to your required sizes and storage needs. We would be happy to construct a tank for you that is suitable for the application you have described.

Moving and Storing a Flexible Potable Water Tank

When a flexible potable water tank arrives to your location, it will be flat, folded and rolled up. This gives it a compact nature that allows it to fit through doorways, small areas and inside an actual tank. Once in place, these units can then be filled and hooked up to or through the existing tank structures.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at +1-863-261-8388 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.