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Flexible Tanks to Store Water 50,000 gallon in Capacity

Customer needed flexible water tanks in a capacity of around 50,000 gallons. See options for this type of storage in the capacity that you have mentioned.


We are urgently looking for our clients for flexible water tanks with the capacity of 50,000 Gallons. It can be divided if necessary.


drinking water bladder tanksHello! Thanks for contacting The Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works. We are happy to help, especially knowing that this is a time sensitive situation. Our Flexible Water Tanks are one of our most versatile products and they can be built in almost any size up 250,000 gallons. This includes a tank with a capacity of 50,000 gallons.

Any time you are looking at collapsible tank storage options, there are a couple of different factors to consider. These will include the following:

  • Type of Fabric: Fabric options vary depending on what liquid you are looking to store in the tank, the outdoor conditions in your area, and the amount of spacing you have available. To help us determine the best fabric for location, helpful information would include:
    • Type of Liquid you are Storing (does it require FDA fabrics?)
    • Length of Desired Storage
    • Storage Conditions (outdoors? indoors? temperature range?)
  • Fittings: Most tanks will come standard with a ball valve fitting anywhere from 3/4" to 2". Adapters can be added to fit hoses and other filling devices. If larger fittings or additional fitting types are required, please let us know.

Standard sizing for a 50,000 gallon tank will have the following filled dimensions:

  • Length: 42 feet
  • Width: 43 feet
  • Height: 4 feet

We look forward to hearing back from you and working on this project.

For pricing information, please feel free to Request a Price Quote. Don't hesitate to contact our tech team for further questions at +1-772-646-0597.