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Frac Flow Back Tanks

Double-Walled Steel Flow Back Tanks for Hydraulic Fracturing

flow back frac tanksFrac Flow Back Tanks are a robust storage option for frac flowback and other liquids used during hydraulic fracturing operations. Made in sizes ranging from 100 to 280 BBL, these tanks have been successfully implemented for storage of water both before and after it is injected into a well. All tanks are double-walled and equipped with all the components necessary to safely store liquids.

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Flow Back Frac Tank Information

Flow back fracturing tanks offer a robust design that is equipped to handle the nature of hydraulic fracturing fluids. All tanks are created with a double wall construction, novolac epoxy lining, and factory installed stainless steel piping for easy operation and use in the field. As mentioned above, tanks can be built in sizes ranging from 100 to 280 BBL. Larger sizes require permits for transportation.

Tank Features

All components of the flowback tank are designed to help the tank hold up to use with demanding water and chemical fluids. Advantages to using this tank include:

  • Arrives Ready to Install
  • Double Wall Construction
  • Access Platform
  • Thief Hatch for Tank Inspection
  • Purge/Flush Line
  • Stainless Steel Piping (for Pump Out and Filling)
  • Novolac Epoxy Interior Lining
  • Sizes: 100 to 280 BBL

This construction allows liquids to be safely pumped in and out of the unit. Stainless steel piping along the filling and pump out area work to prevent rusting, while purge/flush lines installed along the bottom of the tank work to prevent mineral build-up inside the tank. The double wall design of the tank further helps to ease installation by preventing the need for any additional diking during use.

To protect the temperature of the liquid solutions stored in your tank, consider a tank heater. Our custom made tank heater blankets are easy to install, are reliable, and heat the tank evenly throughout. Made specifically to suit the solution or chemical's temperature requirements. Ask us about options!

Questions? We can help! Call us at: +1-863-261-8388 or request a quote to discuss your project.

Flexible Frac Tanks

In addition to flow back tanks, we also offer large storage units in both steel and flexible materials to safely store your water materials. Steel tanks can be built in sizes up to 60,000 gallons, while Flexible Frac Tanks are sized in capacities up to 210,000 gallons.