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Foam Wall Berm Specifications

Low Profile Spill Berms for Secondary Containment Compliance

Our Foam Wall Berm Specifications page is designed to provide you with details regarding the construction, design and fabrics used for the the foam wall containment berms. Foam wall berms are part of our low-profile berm variety and are designed for applications requiring easy mobility on and off the berm. As items are moved over the berm walls, foam walls will indent slightly and then pop back up into place. This provides ideal containment for quick response, temporary storage and multiple storage requirements. Watch our foam wall berm video below!

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Watch a Foam Wall Spill Berm Work!

Foam Wall Berms Specifications

Similar to our other containment berms, the foam wall model is constructed with high strength materials that provide reliable containment under your stored materials. All berms are available in several different liner options as well as multiple foam heights including four, six and eight inch foam (4", 6", 8"). Foam wall berm specifications can be seen in the information provided below:

spill berms

Foam Wall Berm Specifications:

  • Liner Material: 22 oz. PVC or Copolymer
  • Drive In / Drive Out Capability
  • Foam Walls: 2" or 4" Foam

Optional Accessories:

  • Ground Covers, Clots & Liners
  • Heavy Duty Tread Pads
  • Drain Fittings
  • Patch & Repair Kits
  • Carry & Storage Bags

Foam Berm Wall Benefits:

  • Rapid Deployment in Emergencies
  • Easy Transportation to and from Locations
  • Fast Access in and out of the Berm
  • No Additional Set Up Required
  • Foam Walls Bounce Back after being Driven Over
  • Helps Prevent Site Fines
  • Keeps Spills in a Contained Location
  • Helps Sites Stay in Compliance

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Additional Foam Wall Berm Information

The foam wall spill berm is an incredibly easy-to-transport containment barrier and has been used for applications ranging from emergency response and spill containment to secondary containment for vehicles and machinery. Compared to other spill berms, the foam wall model helps make drive through applications easy by allowing vehicles to be moved directly onto the berm without having to adjust the wall. This can help decrease setup times and prevents hassle during containment.


foam wall bermsSetup and Deployment of the Berm is designed to be fast, easy and hassle-free. General setup can be seen through the steps listed below:

  1. Prepare Install Area for Berm Placement (Can be done through geotextile mats or compression pads)
  2. Unroll the Berm (When transported, berms are rolled up and tied.)
  3. Unfold Both Sides of the Berm to Complete the Containment Area
  4. Place Tread Guards on the Berm (if used)

For more information on these berms, please feel free to check out the informational pages found below:

In addition to these specific berms, we also offer a variety of other spill containment products including basins, trays, containment tanks and more.


Questions? We can help! Call us at: +1-863-261-8388 or request a quote to discuss your project.