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Frac Oil Field Storage Tanks

Frac Oil Field Storage Tanks are the perfect solution for short term liquid storage of frac water, oil field storage, fuel, and other production fluids. Built with several high resistance materials (such as 32 or 34 ounce military-grade urethane), these tanks are equipped for bulk capacity liquid storage both before and after a frac operation.

Frac Tank Information

flexible frac tankThis hydraulic frac tank is designed to offer a flexible alternative to the standard steel storage unit. While standard steel fracking tanks can store around 400-600 BBL, the flexible frac unit can store as much as 210,000 gallons in a single storage unit. For site projects or requirements, this can greatly reduce the amount of tanks needed for a single frac project. This can lower your shipping costs and reduce setup and installation times.

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Typical Flexible Frac Tank Sizes
Liner Material Capacity (gallons/liters) Application
32 oz Urethane 20,000 gal (75,000 liters) Hydrocarbons/Fuel
32 oz Urethane 50,000 gal (200,000 liters) Hydrocarbons/Fuel
32 oz Urethane 70,000 gal (250,000 liters) Hydrocarbons/Fuel
32 oz Urethane 95,000 gal (350,000 liters) Hydrocarbons/Fuel
32 oz Urethane 20,000 gal (75,000 liters) Potable Water
32 oz Urethane 50,000 gal (200,000 liters) Potable Water
32 oz Urethane 70,000 gal (250,000 liters) Potable Water
34 oz Urethane 100,000 gal (380,000 liters) Potable Water
34 oz Urethane 210,000 gal (795,000 liters) Potable Water


    collapsible tanksOil Field Frac Tanks Product Flyer
    Minimized Tank Footprint
  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • Lower Setup Times
  • Higher Heat Retention
  • Bulk Sizes up to 210,000 gallons
  • Equipped for Frac Water, Chemical-Based Materials and Diesel Fuel

Features & Benefits

Technical Specifications

Tank Fabric: The materials used for these frac tanks oil storage products typically consists of a 32 ounce or 34 ounce urethane materials that is lined with a material suitable for either potable water, non-potable water, fuel, or hydrocarbons. Typically tanks are built to match the material you are intended to store, allowing tanks to be equipped for the nature of your materials. Other liners are available to best meet your liquid storage requirements.

Fittings: Flexible tanks can be built with multiple different fittings including fill/discharge ports, floor drain ports, hoses, and vents. The standard tanks comes with the following fittings shown below, however specifications fittings can also be added to your tank to best meet your area conditions.

  • 2 to 4 Fill/Discharge Ports (4")
  • Floor Drain Ports (2 x 2)
  • Hoses
  • 2" Diameter Vents

Capacities: The collapsible fracking tanks can be made in capacities up to 210,000 gallons. When used in a hydraulic fracturing operation, this has dramatically decreased the number of tanks required for operations. For example, a 150,000 gallon flexible tank holds up 3750 US oil barrels which is equivalent to approximately 6 conventional steel frac tanks.

Secondary Containment: It is typically recommended that regardless of your tank capacity, these units should be equipped with a secondary containment berm or tank liner. This adds an extra layer of protection between your tank bottom and the ground, helping to increase security and containment around your tank.

Technical Specifications

Frac Tank Applications

flexible frac tankIn addition to the storage of oil based equipment, these tanks are also equipped to handle several other liquids including multiple types of water, fuel, and hydrocarbons. Applications where this tank has been used includes:

  • Oil Storage
  • Industrial Pumping
  • Brine Storage
  • Water and Liquid Storage
  • Multitude of Commercial and Industrial Applications

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