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Collapsible Tanks For Fuel Farms

Water Storage Tanks Provides Large Bladder Tanks To Mining Industry Overseas

Press Release "Water Storage Tanks provides large flexible collapsible tanks to the mining industry to create fuel farms"

Sebastian, FL, Water Storage Tanks, an American tank supplier for static fuel storage and emergency water reserve, was asked to provide large capacity flexible collapsible tanks to the mining industry overseas.

The purpose of these flexible tanks is to create a farm style setup to store fuel and diesel fuel and provide diesel fuel storage for equipment, generators, excavators, water pumps, and pick-up trucks.

Some new additions to our product line for the oil gas mining industry are spill berms and containment liners, in addition to our reliable flexible drinking water and grey water tanks.

Portable Tank Group is a well-known international liquid storage and containment solution provider. We offer a variety of liquid storage and secondary containment products, such as static storage tanks, poly plastic tanks, folding frame tanks, self supporting onion tanks, secondary spill containment berms, drive-through berms, and tank containment.

All tanks and spill containment products are custom manufactured in the United States of America.

According to president Mark Wilkie, Water Storage Tanks, The mining industry has predominately used steel tanks to store fuel for equiptment. However, due to the immense transportation and set up costs steel tanks require, it only makes sense to use cost effective alternatives like collapsible tanks.

Collapsible pillow tanks can be rolled up, stacked, and transported to job sites. The quick and easy setup and operation of these tanks make them easily manageable and cost effective.

More and more industries like the oil gas mining industry sectors prefer to use flexible collapsible tanks to stay competitive in the market.

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