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Cleaning of a Rigid, 500 gallon Tank

Customer wanted information on cleaning a 500 gallon tank. See information offered for this type of storage and cleaning.


How would someone go about cleaning the inside of a rigid 500 gallon tank that is used for potable water storage? The source of the water is a private well so there is quite a lot of gunk in it at the moment. Please help.


plastic water tankThank you for contacting us! The methods you used to clean out your tank can depend on the where your tank is located.

If you are dealing with an above ground tank, the best method might be to follow guidelines set by WHO (World Health Organization) which include emptying the contaminated water from your tank, and then scrubbing the inside of your tank with a mix of detergent or water. This can be done with a soft brush or pressure washer. Read More on WHO Site.

When dealing with potable water storage, there are several different methods you could consider to help keep your water cleaner for future use. One method would be to use a water filter to help filter out the materials that be cause for potential contamination of your tank.

If gunk (such as water borne algae) is building up in your tank due to outdoor exposure, you might also consider using a Water Tank with a darker exterior such as black or dark green. These darker tanks a typically encouraged for outdoor storage as they actively block out light to prevent algae from beginning to grow inside your tank.

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