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Industrial Hot Box Heater

Power Blanket Hotbox

Man putting a drum inside of a Hot BoxIndustrial hot box heaters reduce your worry when storing bulk materials. Our power blanket hotbox ensures your materials and products stay within the specified temperature, between 100°F and 120°F. We even offer an adjustable thermostat, so you can control your own box temperatures. Whether you need pallets for job-site heating, remote-locations, or transporting temperature-sensitive material, our insulated pallet blanket protects against freezing and controls viscosity.

Power blanket hotboxes are your perfect solution for cold weather storage, heating job sites, transporting materials, and other storage needs with heat sensitive requirements. Our water-resistant, full-wrap design is easy to assemble and move wherever you need it most. Made in the US, we can ship industrial hot boxes faster, saving you time and money. Call today to talk with our team about options and pricing!

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Industrial Hot Box Heater

Hot Box with sensitive materials inside.Industrial hot box heaters are ideal for heating sensitive materials such as paints, chemicals, equipment, resins, roofing materials, epoxies, and other pallet materials. Our unique design eliminates temperature fluctuations, ensuring uniform coverage of the entire surface area. Operating at 120 volts, our insulated, full-wrap design is equipped with cinch straps to secure heating blanket for a tight fit.

Available in 3 sizes, the water-resistant hotbox has access from both sides for easier access. The durable, vinyl shell is easy to assemble for portability and storage. Our thermal power blanket is engineered with cutting-edge technology to help you store chemicals, protect against freezing, and control viscosity. Move from job to job with ease for cold weather storage, freeze protection, job site heating, and remote location use.

Power Blanket Hotbox Features

  • Maintains Internal Temperature as High as 120°F
  • Preserves Temperature Sensitive Materials
  • Improves Freeze Protection
  • Provides Insulated Full-wrap Design
  • Top And Side Access Doors
  • ETL Certified to UL & CSA Safety Standards

Power Blanket Hotbox Benefits

  • • Easy To Assemble and Disassemble
  • • Prevents Scorching and Burning
  • • Custom Sizes Available
  • • Cost Effective
  • • Made in the USA

Insulated Pallet Blanket Specs

Size 48"X 36"X 48" 48" X 40" X 48" 48" X 48" X 48"
HEATED DIMENSIONS 48"X 36"X 48" 48" X 40" X 48" 48" X 48" X 48"
Finished Dimensions 48"X 36"X 48" 48" X 40" X 48" 48" X 48" X 48"
Content Temperature Preset Preset Preset
Heated Area 48 cu. ft. 54 cu. ft. 64 cu. ft.
Cord Length 6 ft. 6 ft. 6 ft.
Voltage 120 VAC 120 VAC 120 VAC
WATTAGE 800W/1200W 800W/1200W 1440W
Plug 15 AMP 15 AMP 15 AMP
Approx Weight 40 lbs./50 lbs 43lbs./50 lbs. 73 lbs./75 lbs.

*Custom sizes available upon request

Industrial Hot Box Heater Applications

Hot Box with equipment being stored inside it.Our industrial hotbox heaters are used across a variety of industries for bulk material heating. Used for construction, material storage, material transportation, cold weather storage, and other bulk storage for temperature sensitive materials. Our insulated pallet blanket eliminates hot and cold spots, so you have full-coverage heat across your entire container surface. This consistent, even heat ensures proper viscosity of materials and keeps your product at a specified temperature range. Available in various sizes, our blankets can be used for paint, resins and epoxies, roofing materials, and much more without heating up your building or storage area.

Our industrial hot box can be used for:

  • Freeze Protection
  • Job-Site Heating
  • Remote Location Uses
  • Cold Weather Storage
  • Transporting Materials
  • Other Heat-Related Material Requirements

Find out more about our Power Blanket Hotbox, as well as our other power blanket heater products. We can help you find what you need for your specific job! Talk with one of our specialists today!

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Call us at +1-863-261-8388 or quote request form for a custom Power Blanket...

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