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Under Deck Rainwater Collection Tank Made in the USA

FAQ: Can you store a rainwater tank under the deck?

rainwater collapsible tankLooking for a bag to collect rainwater under your deck? You're not alone. Check out a Q and A from a customer with a similar question regarding our collapsible tanks and how they can be used.

Question: I'm interested in a bag for under my deck to collect rain water for my garden? I'm not sure about the capacity. It depends on the money. I have a 65 gallon barrel in the front of my house but then someone told me about the bags? Do you having pricing? 100 gallon is guess?

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Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Products like the Rainwater Storage Tank Bag to Collect Rainwater can be a great option for the type of storage you have specified. These tanks feature large capacities, low profiles, and easy setup that allows for the tanks to be easily installed in tight spaces such as under porch decks, in basements, and in various crawl spaces that may be present in your location.

rainwater tank in a crawl spaceOne of the best features of a collapsible pillow tank is its ease of use. The collapsible tank is designed with a flexible structure that allows the tank to lie completely flat when its not in use. From here, tanks can be easily moved and placed under a deck or storage location for later filling or collection.

When used for rainwater collection, pillow tanks (also sometimes referred to as bags to collect rainwater) can additionally be equipped with fittings and accessories that can connect to hoses, pumps, and other systems to reuse water collected through harvesting. Many connect these tanks to downspouts for easy collection off of roofs.

Depending on how you are planning to reuse collected rainwater, bags can be lined with an inner lining of either drinking water (NSF 61 and FDA approved) or standard grey water for all other water types.

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