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FAQ: Frame Tank for Logrolling Application

Frame Tank for specific sizes for log rolling

Customer needed a custom frame tank for log rolling application. See how the frame tank could be used for this type of application. frame tanks

Question: Is there any way to get a tank made to be 3ft deep instead of 29 inches? I'm looking for a logrolling tank. It needs to be 15 or 16ft square and 3ft deep.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The portable Frame Tank does come in the standard sizes you have mentioned (29" in depth). However, the material used for these tanks is incredibly flexible and easy to adjust. A custom tank can be built to exactly 15 square feet and 3 feet deep, or 16 square feet if you require.

Frame Tank Options

Frame tanks come with either a steel or aluminum frame. This frame helps to give the flexible interior support and keep your tank sturdy during use. The steel frame is typically heavier in weight and can be great for demanding conditions or water applications that require a firm exterior. The aluminum frame is slightly lighter in weight, will not rust, and can be easier to transport to various locations. Frame tanks come standard with heavy duty vinyl fabric that features 22 oz. sides, a 28 oz floor, and is well equipped to handle a variety of liquids. Fittings, such as drain fittings, are also available to help drain the water from your tank. These fittings can be made in aluminum, polypropylene, camlock or storz.

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