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Cistern Water Tanks

FAQ about Using Collapsible Tanks Inside Cistern Tanks

Looking for a tank to help with water reserve for old cistern units? See how collapsible tanks can be placed inside existing units to store water that can supply different locations in your home.

Question: This tank is in our basement and looks like it was put in there before the house was built. We were not sure if it was used for fuel or water, can you help?water reserve for old cistern

Answer: Thanks for contacting GEI Works with your cistern tank inquiry. I passed your info and picture to our tech team for review. It will not be easy to find out what the tank was used for before and if the tank can be used now in this condition but our tech team will do their best to assist you.

In general, our company specializes more in the selling of new cistern tanks and liners. Depending on the sizing and fittings, these tanks may be able to handle placement of a new collapsible cistern tank into the interior of the tank. If you have specific outside fitting details, you might also be able to place a cistern liner into the unit.

What we can do (and have done in the past) is provide customers with a new collapsible tank or cistern liner that can be placed inside these older units. This will allow you to store required liquids, such as water or fuel inside the tank as needed without having to patch up an old or existing tank.

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cistern tank liner

If you are planning on using these tanks to directly store your liquid, you will always want to make sure that the tank itself does not have any cracks or spots that are leaking. If it does have this type of cracking, liners may be needed to store any kind of liquid appropriately.

In case you are in need of a cistern tank or cistern liner in the future to help store water reserve for old cistern, please let us know. We recommend local service companies for installation.