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Liner for Koi Fish Pond

FAQ: Do you make liners for Koi fish ponds?

Customer was looking for koi fish tank or liner for his koi fish storage pond. A visitor from Ireland contacted us requesting a tank for koi fish. He informed us about the existing huge koi fish fan community and that buying and raising koi fish can be very pricey.

In case there are repairs on an existing koi fish pond or a new pond is built a good quality and affordable tank is important for temporary koi fish housing. See available options for koi fish storage.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! There are a couple of different options you could consider for storage of koi fish in your location. Depending on your existing storage space and intended fish storage use, different options may work better than others.

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Folding Frame Tank

folding frame tankOne of the most common options for the temporary storage of koi fish is the Folding Frame Storage Tank. This folding frame tank is built with an open top and large storage capacity to store and house koi fish until movement into a more permanent storage unit or pond. Used for several different applications, the folding frame tank can be equipped with liners compatible for this type of water and fish storage.

Common features you will find on this frame water tank include the following:

  • Standard Capacities from 500 to 5,000 gallons
  • Folding Frame Exterior
  • Wide Range of Inner Frame Liners
  • Light Weight for Easy Transportation
  • Portable from One Location to the Next
  • Quick to Setup for Temporary Fish Storage
  • Available Covers for Added Protection

Due to their wide range of available options, these frame tanks have been successfully used for water storage of food grade materials, fish, and other animal storage applications.

Tank and Pond Liners

tank linersIf you already have an existing koi storage tank or pond, we also offer liners that can be used to line existing tanks or ponds for the safe storage of koi fish. These liners can be made from almost any fabric including a food grade or FDA approved material.

When compared to a storage tank, using an existing liner can help save tank construction costs to reuse options already available in your location.

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