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Collapsible Tank Life Expectancy

Wondering what the life expectancy of a collapsible tank would be? You're not alone! View options for the life expectancy of these units.


What is the life expectancy for a collapsible tank for potable water, installed in a crawl space? We expect to begin construction on a new house soon. This is a "raised floor" design with a sealed crawl space. A good spot for rainwater storage might be below the South porch, which will be 12-feet by 60-feet in size.

If we install collapsible tanks under this porch, how long can they be expected to last? (The space can be fully enclosed to help protect the tanks.)

Answer: pillow tanksThank you for contacting us! The life expectancy of a Collapsible Tank can vary depending on what fabric you use, the conditions of your storage locations and the liquid you will be storing inside the tank.

In general, a majority of the fabrics used for our collapsible tanks will come with a rated contact time. The contact time is designed to operate as a rating for when the fabric on your tank may begin to change.

While the contact time is not designed to act as a designated lifespan for the tank, it does give your tank a rated time for when the fabric used may start to change.

Our collapsible tanks are made with several different fabrics that will vary in thickness. Usually the thicker the tank is, the longer the fabric for the tank is rated to last. Ratings will usually be for either 1 year, 3-5 years, or 7 years.

The exact lifespan for your tank will vary depending on the kind of weathering or conditions that your tank might incur during storage. Having your tank enclosed may help with a lot of this.

If you do choose to use a collapsible tank, you might also consider using some kind of liner or Ground Cloth underneath your tank. These fabrics are usually pretty economical and can help protect the bottom of your tank from abrasion. This often helps to increase the lifespan or life expectancy of a collapsible tank.

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